Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 5, 2020

Welcome July 2020

Well, there is another new month of this year. Do other people feel like me, that even though there hasn’t been much we would normally do, the year is flying past.

I have been working on 3 days this week so didn’t get in as many miles as of late but still managed 111 miles during the week.

We have been along to Saltburn by the Sea and Redcar on one occasion. The waves were up but it didn’t bother these juvenile gulls. What really struck me, was that the whole line of them – about 7 – just sat and didn’t take flight as we approached and even stayed to have photos taken.

Juvenile Seagulls

On Friday, there was wind and rain so we didn’t bother riding and got some more mundane tasks accomplished but we were out again on Saturday.

We were watching the weather forecast and set out into the SW headwind riding up to Stokesley via the newly widened Tanton Bridge. They have made a good job of it so hopefully it wont be as scary for newer riders.

From Stokesley we rode up through Hutton Rudby and then along to cross over the A19 towards East Rounton. There was a chap sat on the kerb , surrounded by other cyclists and it looks like he has come off. I don’t know if the wind had caught him and blown him off. I didn’t see any blood but he looked shocked.

We carried on down through East Harsley and then when we got to the sign for West Harsley took the single track road with passing places. We have never ridden it before and we were riding through fields of barley and another crop I couldn’t identify. I did stop and ask a chap at his isolated home thinking he might be a farmer. He wasn’t and had no idea what it was . I also didn’t take a photo.

Ripening barley

I was surprised to see how far we had climbed up and there was a lovely run down.

looking west

From here, when we got to the main road we turned towards Brompton but did have to use the busy road into Northallerton.

It is only about a mile before the turning for Brompton and decided to then head for home.

So 111miles and YTD 3,364 miles.


This is a rash i have developed on my leg just above the ankle. It doesn’t hurt or be irritating. I had a similar thing happen a few weeks ago. I have similar but much smaller on the other leg. Any ideas if I could have been bitten as I didn’t feel anything


  1. That’s a curious rash. I can’t help at all.

  2. Looks more like bleeding under the skin than a rash. But I have absolutely no medical qualifications whatsoever! What did that crop look like?

    • hi Lizzie, it wasnt bleeding under the skin although it did look a bit like that. It is resolving now by becoming paler but not as a bruise would be , which is blood in the tissues. I have no idea what it has been

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