Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 28, 2020

Noticing the Unexpected

This week had some extremely hot weather and tremendous thunderstorms on Saturday. I was also working the first 2 days of the week so only got a few miles in on those days. However, I had agreed to go with DH up to Jarrow and back. We were to make a brief visit to my brother , in his garden before returning home.

Unfortunately, I had agreed on the hottest day of the year but didn’t know it. When I agreed, I had use the Komoot app to work out a slightly shorter ride as his last time had been 102 miles and I knew that would be too much for me – even with my wonderful e-bike.

So we set off on out usual route north, past Hurworth Burn and up through Haswell and then picking up NCN1 again in South Hetton.

The path past the allotments is very ropey but then the old railway path isnt too bad , if a gravel track all the way down to Ryhope.

NCN1 just out of South Hetton

The wild flowers are out everywhere and so it was very pleasant if not hot even at 8.00am by the time we got here.

The route then takes you across to Sliksworth and then the Komoot app took us along to the Queen Alexandra bridge and we could see the new road bridge further upstream. Very nice it look too.

Spire Bridge Sunderland.

Once at my brother’s , refilling water bottles and then he took me along to see his wife’s allotment. He says its hers as all he does is water it and only them when pushed. He admits he’s no gardener but likes the results.

lovely produce

Then we rode back into South Shields and looked at the numbers on the beaches. It looked like the 1960’s when I used to patrol these beaches as a volunteer lifeguard.

The Groyne South Shields

We cycled up the coast to Souter Lighthouse

Souter Lighthouse

I remember the sound of the fog horn as the haar used to roll in when I was a chid. There were plenty of cyclists on the path.

I was glad to be on the coast as it was a bit cooler than further inland and can tell you after 85 miles i was really glad to be home.

We only had a short ride on a very hot Thurday and then it was off out again on Friday. This time , we took water bottles we had part filled and frozen. DH kept them in a pannier along with plenty of extra water for me. I always need to drink far more than him and have always been the same.

This time, we werent really too sure where we were off to. This isnt really what DH likes. He prefers to have a destination in mind and stick to the plan whereas I am much more improvisational which is often reflected in my textile work. He also isnt too keen on me stopping to take photos.

Swans and cygnets in Albert Park

So we set off towards the river and through Preston Park to Yarm. Again , we were out early so avoided too much heavy traffic as we rode up to Kirklevington and turned along Forest Lane. It was still hot but the cloud rolled in and the decision was made to ride up to Hornby and across to East Cowton. The village shop was open but sadly the pop up cafe is still closed. We rode through and then when we got to the main Darlington road we decided to ride it to Scorton as it was so quiet.

We passed a raw milk vending machine at a farm. They are common in the Netherlands

We stopped for 2nd breakfast on a small green area I hadn’t noticed before.

Then we decided to head to Moulton. We had a delightful surprise when we got there. The old bus shop turned book exchange, had cake and biscuits on sale. woohoo!! well you have to support the small village community efforts.

cakes and biscuits

While we were standing there DH started laughing. This is what set him off.

a blue plaque

From here it was on to Middleton Tyas and I saw this wonderful fence.

Carrying on we crossed the bridge at Croft and along through Hurworth and Neasham to Middleton St George. We followed NCN14 and were again surprised to meet a man on a petrol driven vintage bicycle. This was not the same on we saw last year but rather a British made Cyclemaster. The owner is a collector and restorer and has it insured along with his other bikes so it is road legal.

The petrol tank and motor in the back wheel
licence plate

Then once along into Elton , we stopped for lunch outside the church and had a chat with a couple who were cycling but wont go on the more main roads.

Our water bottle ice was still partially frozen so it was really effective.

frozen before leaving home.

So Saturday , we knew was going to be unsettled so an early morning ride and home for breakfast. As the day progressed , the thunderstorms began so we were glad we weren’t out in it.

So this week 203 miles YTD 3253miles

Next week I wont be out so much as people are gaining more confidence in asking me to see to their feet , so I will just have to see how much I can do.


  1. My sister had a Cyclemaster in her youth.

  2. That looks like a very enjoyable ride, lots of interesting things to see. Love the bus shelter.

    • the cake was even better Ilona. glad you seem to be keeping busy

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