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Birthday Cycling

No it wasn’t my birthday but DH has caught up with me last weekend. He likes to do a long ride on his own , so on Monday morning he arose before dawn and had decided  that this year he would ride north as he would be into a headwind going and the wind on his back returning – well that’s the theory anyway.

So with a lightening sky, he left the house at 3.57am ( mental – don’t ask) and his route look him across Newport bridge and along through Seaton Carew to Hartlepool . From here he road the Hart to Haswell route but came off at Shotton Colliery as the track is bad here. The surface isnt good and it gets full of rubbish. He then rode up the road into Haswell and then down to South Hetton and on towards Seaham but not down to the harbour. He then rode along to Sunderland .

He rode along the coast through Roker and Seaburn , past Souter Lighthouse and on up the river to Jarrow. Here he had a brief stop to visit my brother , returning by a similar route on NCN 1 but says that the track surface has deteriorated badly around Silksworth and Ryhope. It may be OK on a mountain bike but net a touring bicycle.   He came straight down the track  avoiding going into Hartlepool but along the river Tees and even called at the bank on the way home. I was surprised to see him home so early – about 4.00pm but he has completed 109.4 miles in 10 hrs 30 mins riding time. He is my hero.

Well me, I have been out everyday and the miles have gone up. Yesterday we had a lovely ride to see my sewing friend Farmer J up at Picton. Being a farmers wife, she makes the most delicious fruit scones in her Aga cooker and we were treated to some while watching some of the royal wedding that was going on.


We carried on from there to Appleton Wiske and then up to Hornby where we turned right on a minor road towards Girsby. We haven’t ridden that way in a while. I noticed a yellow sign with a Lambretta type scooter symbol and the word bash beneath it. We saw one or two and sure enough further along the road there was a small festival going on.

scooterrallyWe asked if we could have a look around and I saw this beautiful combination of scooter and trailer circa 1961. The chap who owned it said all the paintwork was original and he had ridden it all over the country. The did tell me that being a single wheel trailer  , it had to be lightly laden as it had a tendency to tip when cornering.  The guys who were there all appeared to be my age so I guess that in the 1960’s they would have been termed Mods.  A nice little interlude.



When we got down to Neasham we stopped to eat again and then I walked part way up the hill  as it was steep and the surface was poor. DH says if there was a competition for pushing a laden bicycle up hill, he would put his money on me. He cycled all the way up. Still. as I say often “There’s no shame in walking”.

We returned our usual way from Darlington through the Whinnies as its dry at present. We did ride along the river and during the week we had been yellow buoys  laid out for a course. There was a rowing regatta on so riding was a bit difficult. Still once past the barrage it was plain sailing, as they say.

I have been having a bit of a problem just lately with inner thigh cramps about 4-6 hours after stopping riding. I know yesterday was hot but I drank more than 4 litres of water and took electolytes too. When I showered I made sure my legs were cooled down with cold water. I only seems to happen when I have cycled about 50 miles. Any advice from those who may have had this happen to them?

So this week I rode 104 miles and that makes my YTD 1138.6 miles.



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Post Festival Cycling

While I know some people felt a slump after the truly inspiring Cycle Touring Festival, I was determined to get out and keep the buzz going. I had deliberately kept Tuesday free  so that I could have time to wind down.

What did I do? Went out and cycled nearly 57 miles. It wasn’t meant to be that way as we cycled across to Darlington to Ultralight Outdoors to pick up some new guy lines and a few pegs. It was such a lovely day and DH said why not go a bit further. We hadn’t set out from home until nearly 10am but carry on cycling , we did. First we rode to Cleasby a little village outside Darlington and we stopped for me to eat a little. DH had a drink but didn’t want to eat. We then cycled through to Manfield and stopped near the church to see if I could locate the tap and get more water. It was so hot I needed to drink more. DH just doesn’t seem to have the same metabolism as me . I couldn’t find the tap , so we carried on to Eppleby , thankful to find the village shop still had ice cream in the freezers. I was afraid that they would have sold out over the weekend. The very kind lady also filled my bottles and said that she thought she would cycle later in the day , but looking at the trees blowing , she might not. She is in training for a ride the night cycle event.


I recall seeing cloud beginning to build and remarked that they were lenticular clouds. I recognised the type but had no idea what it meant. We set off for home riding back to the main road and turned down to Piercebridge. This is the site of an old Roman settlement and we were on the same line that the Roman soldiers would have marched down , centuries ago. It’s amazing to think that some of their routes are still being used millennia later.  The river looked so good as we crossed the bridge near the site of the Roman one.



We crossed the A67 signed for West Auckland, again the same straight route and then turned off and headed back under the A1 and into Cockerton on the outskirts of Darlington. By now it was time for another short stop where we had half a cheese scone each and more to drink. Cloud was building fast so we didn’t hang about. Passing though the Whinneys nature reserve we felt the first drops of rain. Most held off until we got off the road into Long Newton where we stopped to don wet weather jackets. DH had been reluctant to dig his out but a few minutes later was glad he did. No rain had been forecast so it came as a surprise but with the cloud building , we had a clue

By the time we arrived home, cutting through Teesside Park, the rain was easing and soon after arriving home, it stopped.

As a note , more to myself, I had a really extreme bout of leg cramps from thighs to feet later in the evening when I had gone to bed. I had been taking minerals throughout the day with the water and didn’t expect it. Perhaps because it was so warm and I sweat copiously , I needed more sodium. A couple of pinches of salt under the tongue , did the trick.

I was working the rest of the week , so it was good to get out early mornings. We saw these delightful new goslings with their parents. I am not sure where the nest was as the other geese and swans are still sitting the nests.




Saturday arrived and the forecast wasn’t bad but not great either. We decided as we haven’t been to the coast for a while, we would cycle though to Saltburn. We called to see one of our old Sustrans buddies who is now pretty much confined to home. He told us about the farmers market being held and we bought a very large fruit scone . We stopped in the community garden and eat that and had a drink.


I was pleased to see that someone is looking after the community garden and thought the strawberry patch looked very good with the strawberry model showing what is to come.


It became lovely and warm and I cycled in short sleeves back along the coast road, I was so surprised to see these two , looking like they were somewhere very hot. It was warm but not that hot.


We road the trunk road back home and I am pleased to report this weeks total is 117.6 miles. so YTD 1034.6 miles . Considering the bad weather throughout the winter I am pleased that I have broken the 1000 miles


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Cycle Touring Festival 2018

Sorry this post is a bit later than usual but we had a bank holiday weekend and we went to the Cycle Touring Festival but we didn’t cycle there this year. Why? because I was one of the speakers and needed to take demonstration materials and a sewing machine. Really? It actually came in useful, as apart from finishing off a small item for friends , I was able to mend an inner tent too.

We drove over and got there quite early on Friday and got pitched before the official starting time. N was cycling there and asked us to keep a pitch near us for him which we did. He arrived a couple of hours later having cycled down from Keld.

The weather was glorious the whole weekend and we did enjoy the camping.P1010636

Laura and Tim Moss started the festival 4 years ago and it is ably supported by their families. Laura’s mother Sharon , is a wonder woman feeding 300 people breakfast and lunch on  2 days. She bakes all the cakes herself and makes jam too.  All the festival speakers are volunteers and it as great to meet new people  as well as others who have become friends over the years.  It was great to meet Ishbel aka World Bike Girl. She gave a very poignant and funny talk about how she set off to cycle the world with only £250. In Turkey , she rescued a dog and it has changed her life . She has adopted a dog in Brazil and now has him back in Scotland.


It was  also great to meet Libby who came to the festival last year and  has built her own bamboo bicycle and then went to do conservation talks in New Zealand. She has a great bike with inspirational says that she decorated herself.

Libby has been talking to school groups about single use plastics and how to reduce our dependence on plastics. The bamboo bike was a joy to behold.

The variety of talks was incredible ranging from Citizen Science helping to find out about the demise of hedgehogs to Astronomy when cycle touring. My talk was about making your own camping equipment  tarps, tents and sleeping quilts. It went down really well and I have been asked to run a workshop on sewing a tarp at the next festival. It is so diverse and there is something for everyone.


Ghyllside Cycles ran a workshop on wheel building. They also run a stall selling cycling stuff and there were some reduced price bags. I didn’t get any but had bought one from them last year.

Barry Godin and Lee Craigie both showed films that they had made while cycling. Barry’s was about bike backing in Scotland and Lee’s was about cycling the tour divide in the USA. Some people are really “hardcore” and it just shows how great it is to push yourself. Mike M said to me that he wishes he was 20 years younger. When I mentioned this to Lee she said that I had had my own adventures too and when I thought about it , I have .


There was a very tame pheasant running around the field. One of the girls was sleeping in a bivibag and I thought the bird was going to peck her.

It was a beautiful colour but very noisy .

We didn’t get any cycling in but had such a super time. Next year’s festival will be the last bank holiday in May so keep that date free.

weekly total 34  YTD 917 miles

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British Weather – Baa Humbug

Well, we knew the sunny weather wouldn’t last and we are back to windy , cold and some rainy weather. Still I got out and managed to accumulate 91 miles riding this week.

In the local park, swans and geese are nesting and I saw one of the swans, what appeared to be turning her eggs. Looked to be about 7 eggs. I do hope they hatch. Sorry its not such a great photo but the railings and fence make it too difficult to get up close as I don’t want to frighten her.



A little further on from her , a goose has also nested and I am pleased to report that the council have erected fences around each Individual  nest. We will hopefully see the young emerge in a few weeks.


The warm weather has seen the ground erupt with cowslips. I do love to see them in the nearby park but they are short lived.

One of our longer rides this week, took in the opening of a fabric/ café in Stockton on Tees, I am so pleased to see how well they are doing. Many years ago , the parents of this girl had fabric and haberdashery shops and stalls that I used often. Then they stopped  and I was so pleased to see them at the Harrogate quilt show.

The shop is at 16 Bishopton Lane in Stockton on Tees. What more could a girl want? Fabric and cake. Oh wait – cycles as well. Carl says we can take them into the back where they can be locked securely . DH says I can go on my own next time and he wont have to wait outside. Heehee.P1010600



For the opening they had invited the chap from Crafty-UK who makes rulers and templates to come up and a textile artist was running a couple of workshops too.

I resisted the temptation of the cake though I did buy a new ruler and a few fat quarters.


Then we rode over to Seaton Carew. The wind was a cold nor’easterly and we  were directly into it. We had thought of riding to Hartlepool Headland but decided to cut it short. We stopped in the bus shelter and boiled a kettle for hot chocolate and a biscuit. DH and I have very different metabolisms and I really should have eaten a bit more then.

Coming back along the coast road, the wind was pushing us along. DH remarked that he didn’t think we had ever done that stretch so quickly and I must admit I was glad it was that way.

We stopped at Greatham creek to see the seals. There were so many of them hauled out on to the banks and I managed to get some photos with my zoom lens. Was so pleased how they have turned out.




We carried in and passed through RSPB Saltholme  where I was hoping to see new lambs as they had advertised lambing live. I think it was probably too cold and wet on the fields.

When we got back to  Newport bridge we decided to extend the ride a bit and so rode back up into Stockton – still no cake – then down through the Boro and all 3 birds are still sitting their nests.

YTD 883 miles.


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Mini Heatwave

What a brilliant week. Indeed it has been the hottest recorded April day since before I was born!!  Unfortunately the weather forecasters tell us it won’t last and as I write , the rain has returned and the temperature has dropped.

Well, at least I was able to make the most of it and cycled 108.2 miles this week. Woohoo that is more like it. Mostly there were just short early morning rides but they all add up. My Koga had developed and annoying little intermittent click. My DH removed the bottom bracket and cleaned and re-greased it. Still the click. Then he tried putting a little oil on the spoke heads while we were out. That didn’t seem to help. Eventually, he tightened every single nut he could find and heyPresto! no click. Thank you . Now whether it was a loose nut , or oil had worked its way into the spoke nipples we don’t know but I am so thankful not to hear that annoying noise.

The spring flowers have come out in bucketful’s and there is blossom on seemingly every tree. Consequently pollen levels are very high and while I have my challenges with allergens fortunately , the pollen doesn’t seem to affect me.


There are also 2 swans nesting along the  side of Albert Park lake. The council have erected fences around them so hopefully in a few week we will see cygnets being raised.P1010577



On Thursday, I rearranged work commitments and we rode across to Brafferton. A few weeks back we called over and saw Rosie. Well with the weather being so good , she let it be known , she would put on a pop up coffee and cake stall for 3 or  4 days.


As soon as we arrived , she asked if we wanted our usual hot chocolate but it was too warm for that. It was about 27C and considering that it hasn’t been above about 10C for months  , we opted for a soft drink. The cake was delicious. In fact , I had chocolate cake while DH had a piece of Flapjack and we shared some ginger cake too. Well , you have to support small businesses, don’t you.


I am pleased to say she was well supported by cyclist as well as the general public. We spent some time talking to a lady , who through ill health isnt able to cycle at present and does miss it.  Turns out, she originally came from Bremen in Germany and I was able to tell her about my time there as a teenager and also about riding through a few years ago.

We rode back the longer way , through Middleton One Row and I was pleased to see the village pump supplying fresh water once more.

Despite having a Brooks saddle, I have been having some trouble in my undercarriage, and so on Saturday, we went down to Tadcaster to Cyclesense and Dave let me try out a cut away saddle. We took the folders and had a short ride – only 14 miles- to Askham Richard.


This is a typical English village complete with village pump ( under repair ) and a duck pond complete with sleeping ducks. Too late , I did see some tiny ducklings too, so didn’t get a photo of them.

I decided to keep the ISM touring saddle and have fitted it to my Koga so here’s hoping it stops me getting cystitis again.

YTD 792 miles – its going up.





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Slightly Better

Monday morning started good but by the afternoon, when I had time to ride, it was warm enough to wear shorts ( gasp). Riding along the river was cool and eventually we had to stop and put on jackets and there was a bit of light rain too. It had to spoil itself.

We got out again to the  river on Thursday and were very surprised to see the Bark Endeavour was still there. It has been windy and we thought that the lift had not been completed because of the weather but an elderly chap said there had been a problem with the lift. He had been there for hours on Saturday and said it was something to do with the weight and the crane was not heavy enough.


We chose to come back along the road and I got this photo of the crane with what I believe to extra weights. They are the black bars with a red sign on them. On Friday, the weather was reasonable and they were able to get the ship/boat moved. It will now be refitted and the bow and stern will be rebuilt. They had to be removed to get the boat under the bridges on the river Tees. One of the reasons , we wont ever get the Tall Ships Race coming here.


As the forecast was fairly reasonable for Saturday , we decided to but the folding bikes into the back of the car and drive down to Riccall. I had decided to give a quilt to Peggy , a lady who runs a little campsite, who hasn’t been too well. She is looking better after stopping here B&B side of the business.

We parked at South Newlands farm and refused to stay for breakfast and got ourselves underway. I had worked out a route of about 45 miles. We rode down into Barlby  and were pleased to find a bridge with a ramp to cross the A19. We rode along to Osgodby and stopped to ask a chap the way and he warned us about cycling on the pavement. Apparently , they are now fining cyclists for doing so. We rode down through the village and past a duck pond ( no fishing) and  were overtaken by some lads on road bikes.  I wanted to check we were on the correct road and was told we were. Then he said ” have a nice day Ladies”. I laughed and said “he’s a man”. He was most apologetic  and said he just assumed we were 2 women as he only sees groups of me or groups of women together. Rarely does he see a couple.  I can understand that , as often men want to be charging off ahead , whereas my DH will ride at my pace.

We headed north past Skipwith Common and  continued on to Thorganby . The village has a beautiful show of daffodils at present.

We carried on up to Elvington and avoided the museum, but did come across this memorial to French airmen who lost their lives, flying out of the airfield that was here.

We then rode down through Sutton on Derwent – it had obviously been under Derwent and we could see that the river was still not contained within its banks.  We continued down the B1228 for a few miles and then took a right turn to go to East Cottingwith. There were numerous ROAD CLOSED signs but we had been told we would be able to get though – and we could.

Another pretty village that was just a detour though. Back on to the main road, through Bubwith and on into Howden where I bought a bottle of water. I can only carry 1 bottle and it just isnt enough for me. The day had warmed up and I had discarded my long sleeved top but was still sweating profusely. Howden has a minster so it was important in earlier times but is now a sleepy little town.


A man came up and spoke to us about our bikes. He wanted to know if they were e-bikes  but they are not. He has a Brompton for commuting but was intrigued by the gearing on ours and was most impressed with the dynamo powering the phones.

We continued on NCN65 along past the cemetery and into the village of  Barmby on the Marsh and crossed the tidal barrier and stopped for the third time to eat. I hadn’t had my preferred egg breakfast and it does make a difference . DH and I have completely different metabolisms and I should have had more sense, He can go all day with hardly anything to eat or drink but I cant.

It was delightful sitting in the sunshine and I was amazed at how many people walked past who commented on how glad they were to see the sun , and how fed up they have been with the constant rain. The water flowing through the barrier was going at a very fast pace.

We now had an off road section of about a mile and a bit. I think because of the sun it didn’t seem so long as in the past. The track is through grass and is very narrow and DH did come off once,  Very soon we were back on road and up into the village of Hemmingbrough which also has a very fine church.

P1010572There is a cycle track alongside the A63 until the village of Cliffe is reached. Here we turned north and  were soon back in Osgodby  ( locals pronounce it Ozgaby) . After we had crossed the A19 bridge , we saw the same man we had talked to earlier in the day and he asked if we had got to Elvington.

From there we retraced our way and had a hot chocolate and biscuits with Peggy and her husband before driving home,

Mileage this week 80.3 miles and YTD 683.8



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Small improvements

As the days grow longer, the weather is a little warmer . However, there is a cost and all the rain and snow melt in the hills has resulted in the fields being waterlogged as are the cycle tracks we like to use.

What appear to be lakes here are no such thing. These are down near the river Tees below Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick and are usually dry , if a bit boggy. We saw water birds  such as ducks and seagulls landing and taking off from them.

I determined I would get out and ride whatever the weather so Monday morning saw me togged up and off I went. I only rode 6 miles and came home as it was blowing a gale and raining hard. Still I felt a little sense of triumph that I went out and DH chicken out . Heehee!

Tuesday was dry – for the most part. We did have a ride together and went over to visit friends for a short while. We were able to help their washing machine that needed the filter cleaning out. On the way back we came across men out fixing the cycle track because even though this bit has only been there about a year, it was deteriorating.


The blocks are laid for pedestrians one way and for cyclists the other. Personally , I prefer to ride over the bumps than slide off one of the channel edges when its wet and slippery. Still its great to have them. We did get wet at the latter end of the ride though

Wednesday was another short early ride but at least it was dry and not too windy while I was out.

On Thursday I was off to quilt group , while DH set off on one of his long rides. He has been wanting to get a long ride in most of the winter, but weather conditions have prevented it. He got a 100.9 miles ride in 8 hours and 42 mins with over 3000ft of climbing. I couldn’t hope to achieve that.

However , as the day was so nice, I left quilt group early and got a solo ride in. I noticed that there are lots of trees now blossoming and the daffodils are  everywhere.

I came across one of the older CTC members helping some children who had come out on their cycles. One had got a puncture but it was actually the joint with the valve that has split almost off, so he would be walking home.

Friday was another lovely day but I was working  and so only got another short early morning ride in. It will be the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s voyage t the Southern Ocean and a replica ship that was built on Teesside was being moved over the locks. This took a few days to accomplish as they first had to put up a large crane for the lift.


This was taken on one of the early morning rides and then yesterday, Saturday, the winds had dropped sufficiently to get it lifted. We rode down for the proposed lift time and  we got these photos.



It looks like they had to remove part of the prow to get it under the bridges too. It will be refitted and will then we sailed down to Whitby in May for the celebration which is said to be attracting visitors from across the world. We again got wet cycling home. I think that made 4 out of 6 rides being wet ones.

So I am pleased to report a slightly better weekly mileage of 72 miles and YTD is 603.4 miles.




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Happy Easter 2018

I first went camping at Easter way back 45 years. We camped , in a borrowed frame tent, at Ingelton. It was on a small farm and cost 3d a night. That’s about 1p in todays money and for that there was a toilet and a continuous supply of very hot water coming out of a tap on the farm house wall.  We used  the water to fill a hot water bottle and it helped keep us warm . Waking up on Easter Sunday, it seemed very dark and that turned out to be because there was 4 inches of snow on the roof.

Over the years , we have camped on most of the Easter holidays and came to expect Good Friday to be wet, but then get better over the weekend. I can recall kayaking in snow , a few times too but it didn’t last too long.

One of our first cycle camping trips at Easter was back in about 1980. We left the children with our very dear MIL and off we went. The Humber bridge was under construction and so we cycled down through York, through Goole and down to Scunthorpe, all in one day. It was lovely and sunny but the weather deteriorated  over the course of a couple of days. We got to Lincoln and visited the castle. The journey home was in rain and hail. We both thought about getting on a train but neither of us spoke. Strange to think we rode up the A19. Certainly wouldn’t dream about cycling on it now.  I remember  sitting on a grassy bank and crying. DH said he would ride home and come back for me in the car. That was what I needed to get me back on the bike and I got home. It didn’t put me off though.

Unfortunately, this year the weather has been the worst I can remember. During the whole week, it has rained most days and the fields are awash, so we had to cancel our planned cycle camp. I have to say that there were other hardy souls who were out there but I do know that youth hostels have been used instead of the tent. Good that they still cycled in snow, rain, fog and anything else that the day could bring.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been much cycling, only 34 miles in 3 rides. I have been stitching away but haven’t photographed anything as the light is so bad.  On one of the rides we stopped in the park and all the birds came flocking across waiting to be fed.  I love seeing the swans and there are 4 on the lake this year.


We did get to ride along the river. It is sad to see how the trees have been cut down to make way for a couple of factories to be built. It looks awful.

So YTD 531.2 miles. At least its over the 500.

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Being thankful

We so often don’t realise just how blessed we are. The weather started the week as blahh with snow clearing on Sunday but then rain.

My friend C and I had long ago decided we would spend the Spring Equinox camping. Now I am thankful that C  has a field of her own with a little wood at the top. Its not far from home . So with the forecast being a bit wet, I requested help from my family and they went across and pitched my tent and DH even inflated my sleeping mat. Again, I am thankful.

DH drove me over with my trusty folding bike stowed in the back of the car. The cycle trailer was already there waiting for the return journey.

So as we were all set up , I fired up the Kelly Kettle that we have owned for about 25 years. I produces hot water in the double skinned unit with a small fire coming up the middle.


There was a beautiful sunset.


So after dark we got a little bonfire going but then the rain came down heavily so C and I were thankful that there was a lovely thick tree to sit under and chat the evening away. I also showed her how to toast crumpets in a frying pan. I am pleased to call her my sister from a different mother as we like a lot of similar things as well as being daft enough to cycle and camp.

The rain came in fits and starts during the night but it got very cold about 2.00am. I was glad to have a warm jacket that I could put on as even though I was in 2 sleeping bags my arms were cold to the touch. I soon warmed up but the wind was blowing hard until an hour before dawn. I  heard C stirring at 6.00am. She had been cold too.

We got started on breakfast and I made cheese toastie too. C had never seen me use toaster bags in a frying pan, so it a new skill for her to use .

DH came over not long after on his folding bike. He wanted to give it a run as he hasn’t used it since last year. We took the long way home along the river but there was a cold wind blowing strongly from the SE so I was thankful to get 14 miles ridden.

Saturday’s weather forecast wasn’t thrilling  but at least the wind had died down. It had blown furiously all day Friday and I was surprised just how it died away. So we decided we would get ourselves out. Where to go?

Those who have read the blog for a while will know we used to love riding over to a little shepherd’s hut called Cozy Coffee. Unfortunately, some nasty person burned it down. Well, we thought we will ride over to Brafferton, not expecting to see the lovely Rosie who makes delicious cakes. We did have to stop to don our  jackets but the rain soon stopped and the sun broke through.


It was such a surprise for both of us to meet there. She and her husband  have bought an old bus they are converting to once again resurrect the business and they had come to clear the ground. There is hope that they will be up and running soon.

We sat and had cheese toasties before heading down into Darlington and then across to Sadberg  and Middleton St George. We were enjoying lovely sunshine by this time and as we passed along the cycle track I spoke to the farmer about his sheep. He pointed out that they are lambing at present and it was a joy to see some of the new lambs.

Once at Elton we had a stop for hot chocolate in there very nice cyclists dining room (bus stop)  before taking the longer way back through Preston Park and home.

So I am thankful that this week I cycled 54.1 miles and the YTD is 496.8 miles. This is about half of what I would have liked but given the bad weather I am pleased with that.

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One day of fun

Last Monday was very wet so no riding. Tuesday, no rain or frost so we managed an early morning ride. Then an opportunity opened up on Wednesday and the forecast didn’t look too bad. So cease the day.

Looking at the wind direction ( SSE) we decided to head over to Northallerton but not our usual way. So setting off about 8.45 am, with picnic food, flask and stove we headed across through Thornaby and up to Hilton. We seemed to be directly into the wind but that was the intention – out with the wind on our faces and in theory assistance homeward.

We followed NCN 65 just after Hilton and across to Hutton Rudby. I had to get off and walk from about half way up the 12% hill. Now I probably could have ridden it successfully but what with the road surface being poor and cars passing, I felt unsafe. There is no shame in walking.

We carried on through the village and crossed on the bridge over the A19 to reach East Rounton. Its strange, but it shouldn’t be, that it seemed to take much longer to pass the favourite café of many cyclists. The road has a slight upward incline and its not noticed until you climb up it in  a head wind.

We turned south towards East Harlsey  but turned off to Deighton and came to the village from the south east so there was a bit of a tail wind. Then when we reached the road end, we turned and were into the wind yet again.

Our destination was Danby Wiske , where we stopped for second breakfast ( yogurt and cereal) and hot chocolate.  It was lovely to see all the different coloured crocuses around the little square.



It was necessary to don our warm jackets and we had taken some closed cell foam mates to sit on.

We didn’t stop too long as it was cold  and then we headed down through Yafforth. It was here that I saw my first lambs of the season and spring must come soon.


Once through Yafforth , it was on through Romanby and into Northallerton. I went off to the shops for some stuff and came back to find DH chatting to this lovely lady.


She is called Tracy and cycles her cart about 700 mts to the town . In the winter she sells soup and rolls and in summer Ice cream. Her trike was made in Mexico and shipped across here. She told us she is usually there every day but the weather has been very difficult. We will go for ice cream come the summer.

I am so pleased we took the opportunity to cycle because the weather has turned bad again. This is the view this morning.


We hope for an improvement by mid week.

This week 68.8 miles and YTD 442.7 miles.

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