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Dark days

tI haven’t done much cycling this week because my leg has been painful again but we did get out yesterday – all be it I was riding stoker on the tandem.

We didn’t leave until 10.30am and rode along the river towards Stockton. The mess is still on the track but I spoke to Environmental Services and it will be shifted , when resources are available. In the mean the meantime more gets added and it looks so unsightly.

However, yesterday we rode past where one of the pylons was, and hey presto  during the week, its gone. They were clearing up the last bits of it.

So from here , we rode along the north bank of the river and passed the barrage which was really busy with kayakers. Once in Stockton , we crossed the market place which was extra busy as there was Ferris wheel and a carousel which were both doing good business.

We followed our usual route out of town, up through Hartburn and then across the A66 approach roads. Its a bit tricky here , at the best of times, so we dismounted and walked across the junctions. I feel a bit vulnerable stuck out the back as we wait for the cars to pass.

Once we got near the Whinneys Nature reserve, we didn’t go through as it was too wet. So it was down the back and then back up into Middleton St George. We also avoided the old rail track and headed up to the A67. I didn’t realise there is a footpath along there which then becomes a shared path. We followed the cycle route and came to Moreton Park. I am the only person who when approaching somewhere familiar, from a different direction, tales a while to realise where they are. I had to turn around and look for the way we would normally come if in a car, to get my bearings. The route to the town centre is a bit circuitous and added on a few miles too.

I went to buy some fabric and here is the first one – a nativity scene. DH wants  waistcoat  making up in it. Sorry it isnt the right way up but you get the idea.

I also spotted this one and as we had ridden on the tandem, I couldn’t resist a bit of it too.


We hadn’t left until mid morning and by the time I had made my purchases it was already 1.30pm and the sun was beginning to drop a little. We decided to use the muddy rail track and get back in a shorter distance than the 20 miles it had taken us to get there. So by 3.30pm we were home having ridden 37 miles so that brings my YTD total to 4101 miles – don’t forget that 1.

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Storm Angus

Well we had our first of the winter storms , named Angus, and it really did bring a lot of rain. In the south of the country , there was really bad flooding but it wasn’t too bad near us. We did see some trees that came down near a beck ( stream) and you could see just how high the water came up. The rains lasted for 2 days and nights so I didn’t cycle in them but I know a man who did!! He was out with Sustrans checking a route so well done Andy.

On Thursday, it was dry and sunny but with a bit of frost to start with. Good fortune  meant that a had a few hours during the morning and early afternoon so we could go for a ride. We decided to ride to Marske by the Sea and headed off along NCN1, after calling at our chapel to drop off some stuff, and were soon in South Bank and Grangetown. After that it was along the trunk road and into Redcar. We were going to cycle along the prom but when we got there it was fully covered in sand, no doubt due to the recent storm bring it up off the beach. So we stayed on the road until we reached the other end and then got on the track into Marske. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to call on a friend so headed back along the track to Kirkleatham.


20161124_121249667_iosI took a photo of the Alms houses there and then on the news we heard that some Anglo Saxon bodies that had been excavated when the primary school was extended, were reinterred at the local church.  There is just so much history that we are unaware of. Then it was on through Eston and Normanby to home. 27 miles.

Friday, was a special day for us. My brother and I were sealed to our parents in the Preston England Temple so there was no cycling.

Saturday started with freezing fog so we didn’t leave home until 10.00am when the fog started to lift. We actually used the tandem , as my right knee has started playing up again so we only rode 11.5 miles. Actually, we used it as a way of getting some shopping and combining it with a check on the river path. The rubbish that is partly blocking it has still not been removed, I am sorry to say. We are contacting environmental services again this week.

I have had time to finish my Kaleidoscope quilt and have enjoyed the actually free machine quilting but I haven’t made it too obvious as I done want to fight with such a bright coloured quilt. Hope you can see some in the close ups.

so miles cycled this week 38.5 mls and YTD  4064.3 miles




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Goal !! 4000 miles

Looks like something went wrong with last weeks post but I was nearing my cycling goal and this week the super moon appeared on Tuesday early in the morning as I completed my 4000 mile of the year.

To say I was pleased, was a bit of an understatement. I was also very pleased because there was no rain either. As the week progressed we had more and more wintery weather with rain and frost every day. But it I the past mid November so we shouldn’t complain.

On Thursday evening DS1 and I went to the local cycle touring groups evening meeting and watched a video presentation of about 10 years ago when some of them went across to France. They were staying in chalets and went out cycling each day. The highlight for them was cycling up Mont Vonteux .

One of my goals this year was to cycle every day , but as I had passed 4000 miles , I decided I didn’t have to ride in the rain now. A few months ago, when my knee was too painful, that goal was dropped. However, on Saturday morning, we decided a ride was in order. Due to work commitments we didn’t set off until 11.00am. DS1 had been out in the car and told us that only 20 miles away, there was 4 inches of snow so a flat ride was needed. So off we went to Saltholme via the amenity  tip where I got ride of shoes I wont wear again. Fortunately, there is a charity box there, so they aren’t just dumped.

It was very cold and there was ice on the paths.

So when we went to the reserve, we went into the café and had jacket potato and beans and  hot chocolate to warm up.  I was also pleased to see there was a knit and natter session going on and one of the volunteers is knitting woodland animals and while chatting found we had a love of quilting too. I could see that DH was getting a bit edgy to be underway again so had to leave but not before showing one of the ladies how to knit continental style.

So YTD I have cycled 4025.8 miles.

DH has asked if I have a revised goal but I don’t. I will just keep cycling and see how many I achieve.




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Winter’s on it’s way

Well, Monday was All Hallows Eve or Halloween as its more popularly known and as the end of October it was still very pleasant and on Monday we got in a longish early morning ride. As the clocks also changed at the weekend, it was relatively light too.

What a difference the turning of a month made. The weather became much colder but I did manage to get in 2 rides on Tuesday, wearing warmer gloves and an extra top layer. Wednesday, I got out of bed feeling chilly and when I looked out of the window, promptly got back in. There was a hard frost covering the roofs and the hedges. Now while I don’t mind the cold too much – frost in combination with lots of wet leaves , is not good. I don’t want to have a fall so I was able to wait until lunchtime having giggled work around to fit in a ride. Thursday was worse and I didn’t ride at all. I had intended an afternoon ride but when I was due to go out , it was raining.

Friday did see me out early again as it is a little milder and then we checked the forecast for a longer ride on Saturday. However wind and rain aren’t a good forecast so we decided to wait and see. We were hoping for a repeat of last weekend but it wasn’t to be. So we cycled along the river to Stockton, stopping to put on rain gear. We bought fresh farm eggs and then rode home along the river. As we approached Newport bridge, it even started to hail mixed with the rain so we didn’t go through the town but took the shortest way home.

I spent the afternoon working in my sewing room and I have a completed top on the design wall. It still needs layering and quilting but its looking good.

So stats for the week are 59.7miles and YTD mileage is 3936.7 miles.


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Is it really the end of October?

We have had another good week and I have ridden over 100 miles. It started on Monday when we were able to cycle in the early hours but then on Tuesday morning there was thick fog.  Well , it is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. However, an early finish from work saw us riding along the river .  There wasn’t any wind as evidenced by the steam rising straight up into the sky from the works.20161025_153036265_ios



It was very sad to see a lot of fly tipping along the cycle track. I have reported it to environmental services and they did phone me to ask where it is. I was quite specific but I think they can’t have read the email. Hopefully, it will soon be shifted because in the dark it is dangerous.


Wednesday came and we had an early morning ride and again in the afternoon we were able to have a ride across to Saltholme RSPB reserve. It was lovely to get a photo of the transporter bridge.



Thursday was a “lazy” day with only an early morning 6.5 miles.

Friday was an 11 miles ride and we checked the forecast for Saturday as we had accumulated 62 miles during the week and I wanted to get over a hundred. The forecast seemed fairly favourable with gently SSW winds but it was supposed to be cloudy all day. How wrong they were!! It was a beautiful day. We left home about 9.30am and headed out of town up Dixon’s bank. We weren’t very far up when I got a really bad cramp from my hip down my leg, behind my knee and down my calf into the sole of my foot.  It was very unpleasant to say the least. I had to stop and stretch it out and I got DH to raise my saddle by .5inch. it worked and it eased off so we could continue. So it was up through old Nunthorpe village and along to Gt Ayton. We had to ride the main road along through Pinchinthorpe and it was fairly busy, as the sun brought people out. We rode into Guisborough and then along past the hall. Here we crossed onto the other side of the road and got onto the footpath, which becomes a dual use path very soon after. I was glad because the road goes across the moors to Whitby and the stream of cars was constant. I believe there is a Bram Stoker festival on there this weekend. This is very popular and if you go to Whitby on the right weekends , you see plenty of Goths and others dressed in Steampunk fashions.  Still I digress.

When we got near Charltons, we crossed the road and headed through the woods along NCN 168 to Boosbeck.


Its a while since we have ridden this way and we did make a small “detour” but it felt wrong , so we stopped and I asked a passing lady and she pointed us down the hill. This took us to Skelton Green , where I stopped to take a couple of photos as it is quite a high vantage point.  Its a steep descent down into Skelton and once through the village, we turned down and rode past Rushpool Hall into Saltburn. It was time for a break and I have to say, it was great to be able to sit on the front in brilliant sunshine. DH took off his long sleeved jersey, but not for long!!

Saltburn Bank is a 25% hill and it was too busy to attempt with its twists and turns, so we rode along the prom and walked up the donkey track.

We then rode past the allotments and into Marske and along to Redcar. I was surprised that there were more visitors in Saltburn than Redcar  , and we weren’t held up along the prom.

We saw a typical Yorkshire cobble  fishing boat coming in to land. Thought you might like to see it.

It was a bit of a slog into the freshening breeze along past the defunct steelworks into Middlesbrough. We were going to ride the river, but Middlesbrough football club had a match starting so there were cars parking and people  walking along the cycle way we would have used. So a change of plan and up through North Ormesby and I was still a few miles short. So into and around Albert park twice  to get the mileage up.

So for the week its 103.9 miles and YTD 3877.




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Golden Crunch


Well, it has been a relatively dry week and it is surprising just how quickly the leaves have begun to turn golden yellow and have dropped to the ground. When I have been riding through them they have crunched under my wheels. It brings out the child in me.

I have been riding in the dark most mornings and this allowed a good chance to photograph the Infinity bridge.



I just love how they light it with blue lights.

Workwise , I have been a bit quiet so we took the opportunity to get out and ride as well as stay home and knit or quilt. The early mornings are getting darker but that didn’t stop me getting in 45 miles by Thursday. Friday dawned cloudy but the forecast was for better weather for the day. I knew that there was a ladies only ride on and they had published their route. Not wanting to join them, we still took their idea and ran with it but later than they were leaving.

We set off at 9.30am and rode across on our usual route to Yarm. A later start meant that the traffic wasn’t so hectic to get through the High Street. This is the week when Yarm Fair is held and we noticed a closure sign but it didn’t seem to be in force during the day. We rode up to Kirklevington and then turned alone Forest lane to what the map shows as Worsall toll bar. We needed to adjust what we were wearing as it was warmer than we thought.

Once in Appleton Wiske , we rode straight down and through Hornby and Great Smeaton where we turned right and then not long after left through East and North Cowton before turning to ride through Streetlam and into Danby Wiske. This was about 25 miles and I was pleased as I was riding well, even up hills. I have found that I am much better if I have a breakfast that has more protein so I had scrambled eggs and beans before setting out. I Danby Wiske we had lunch , which was leftovers from Thursdays evening meal . It wasn’t as sustaining enough.

We rode on down a single track road to Yafforth before turning and riding into Romanby, which is now really a suburb of Northallerton. We called into a supermarket and bought a banana loaf  which we ( me) devoured hungrily.

We decided to ride back our usual way and I was so pleased that I managed the hills. DH did give me the odd help but as he said I didn’t really need it. That was about 59 miles.

When Saturday came, we were out again. First up to Great Ayton and then down to Easby and along to Stokesley. Another brief stop to eat the rest of the banana loaf and we were off on the home strait. We were pleased that we made that decision as it began to rain just after we got home. That was about 25 miles and I worked out the  mileage for the week at 131miles

So my YTD mileage is 3773 miles . Getting nearer to my goal.





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It’s been a good week.

Well, I have managed to cycle nearly every day and in the early mornings the rain has held off – it hasn’t come until later in the morning when I am back home.

I continue to resemble a Christmas tree and have 9 lights about the bicycle and upon my person. I want to be seen so that no one can say they didn’t see me. As an example , I was crossing a light controlled crossing and there was chap coming towards me. He had a flashing helmet light on and was clearly visible. What I didn’t see  until the last minute was a man in front of him, dressed in black with no lights and without any helmet. This is only my opinion, but that is an accident waiting to happen and he has no thought for hs family, friends and the driver who may one day hit him.

Anyway, riding along the river in daylight, I have noticed these purple, daisy like flowers and they are in quite an abundance. I have no idea what they are called but they are an autumn flower.

So Monday to Friday riding I amassed 45 miles  so we were all set to go out riding Saturday morning and then it started raining. Bummer. I don’t mind riding in the rain , if it starts when I am already out but if I have to leave a nice, warm house , I can be put off. Luckily, by 11.00am , it dried up and we were off by 11.30am. We decided to ride over to Cozy Coffee and see the delightful owner Rosie.

So it was down to the river  where we saw a canoe slalom event taking place. it went on all day and I took a photo of the automatic ramp that takes kayakers still in their boats back up to the top of the course. 

Dodging competitors and crowds we rode  along through Stockton on Tees and up across the market place, avoiding  shoppers who had come out because the rain had abated. We rode on route 14 up to the crossing near Norton road and through Carlton and Redmire to Bishopton. I was really pleased with myself and was riding well. Then comes the steeper hill out of the village and I admit that DH did give me a bit of help , but I didn’t refuse his hand on my back.  Once in Great Stainton , we turned right and then left  signed Newton Aycliffe and rode along before turning off towards the village of Brafferton.

Rosie was delighted to see us , as we were her only cyclists on Saturday but the week before , people had to sit outside. We were snug inside her shepherds hut and had scrambled eggs on toast and hot chocolate. Then we rode down Harrowgate Hill to the outskirts of Darlington. We turned left and rode down into Great Burdon  and got onto a cycle track that runs along to the A66. Here we went down under a tunnel to cross to the other side and then rode along to our usual way home, through the villages of Middleton St George, Long Newton  and Elton where we had a brief stop. By now it was nearing 4.00pm so we made the decision to shorten the ride home as it was evident that the sun was dropping .  I thought that if it was summer and we were cycle camping , I would be getting ready to pitch a tent. How I enjoy cycle camping and touring.

So that was 37 completed on Saturday and a total for the week of 84 miles.

I have worked out the year to date total and it is 3642 miles so I am edging closer to my target.  Sorry I haven’t been able to post any photos. I don’t know why but I cannot get any photos to come through.


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Back on my Koga

Well, this week I decided to try riding my Koga again. Because of the knee injury, riding the much lighter Dahon seemed a sensible option and that’s what I have used since I started riding again. I enjoyed last week and was pleased with the mileage but do like the larger wheels, so I started off on Monday and cycled just over 6 miles. Not a great distance but it didn’t cause any aggravation of the knee but I have noticed a little swelling , but no pain.

The mornings are seeing a lot of fog and mist either rolling up from the river or arising from the ground. In fact sometimes it looks quite eerie in the half light of these dark mornings.


It is also noticeable how the trees are turning russet and gold and the paths are showing signs of falling leaves more and more. We really are in the season of “mist and mellow fruitfulness.”

I was able to get out every day this week and amassed about 36 miles in total. Not huge but a start and all on the heavier Koga.

We decided to try a longer ride and were making plans to ride over to Cosy Coffee near Brafferton, to support this small business. However, we checked the weather forecast and our usual winds coming from the west reversed. There is a high over Scandinavia and the wind was forecast to come from the North East. Well that warranted a change of plan.

So Saturday saw us leave to ride up across to Norton and then up the hill at Beaconsfield Road. I was a bit uneasy as at the best of times , I have to drop my gears fairly low. However, with encouragement ie. DH’s hand on my back occasionally, I made it up , no problem. That made me feel better and I even managed the swoop down and up and across the road to the Castle Eden Walkway. The sky had was grey and overcast as we set off and there had been rain overnight but the track was mud free so it didn’t appear that it had done so further north. It got so warm I had to take off a layer and the sun shone dappling the path ahead. We met a chap riding a black Moulton. I haven’t seen on in the “flesh” so to speak and he chatted for a while but surprisingly we were a bit fast for him. He had just missed out bidding for a Koga Randonneur on E-bay much to his disappointment. We  continued up to Hurworth burn but lost sight of him. He had left his wife waiting in the car while he had a ride. It was a delight to see the cows near the water.



Once we had come through Station  Town and onto the fields , I could see the trees beginning to put on their autumn coats so stopped to take a photo.


Once down at the bottom, in these trees we turned onto route 14 Hart to Haswell and started to descend towards Hartlepool. It was so delightful  to be riding along without pain and I said to DH that I almost felt like I was away on a tour.

Once in Hartlepool, the clouds stated scudding in but fortunately we had made a correct decision and had the wind on our backs.


We cycled along the promenade to Seaton Carew  and you can see it had turned into a grey sort of day. Sheltering in the 1930’s bus station, we drank hot home made soup we had brought in a flask and ate bananas. I had brought the latter wrapped in bubble wrap in my handlebar bag as they don’t travel too well but they were perfect.

With a tail wind we soon reached Saltholme. I hoped to stop to take photos of some seals just before there but the traffic was too busy , so sorry I didn’t get any. There were at least a dozen seals on the creeks edge as it was low tide.

There were road works and so we had to wait to get through but this made me see this sign I haven’t seen before.



Sometimes we just don’t always see what is around us. I just love the quirkiness of their signs. It makes you read, laugh and take notice. The bird reserve was full of flies. Great for insect eating birds but an irritation to us. I had to put spectacles on to keep them out of my eyes. Still, we all need to live and let live.

So we journeyed on home completing 39.8 miles ,making my total for the week 76.7 miles so I am very pleased with that. Hopefully next week will be as good.





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A Few Days Away

We are very lucky to have support from a great group called Autism Matters who take a group of young people with various autism spectrum disorders out and on holidays. DS2 is very fortunate to be part of this group and he went away last Saturday for a week. So that gave DS1 and DH and myself the opportunity to get away.

As we are into Autumn and the days are much shorter I was a bit reluctant to go off cycle camping and came up with a solution.  We have belonged to the Camping and Caravanning club for more than 25 years and for the first time, the club  have introduced Ready Camp glamping tents. More on that later.

We set off on Monday morning  and I had arranged to go and visit Ilona aka Mean Queen. She writes the blog  “Life after Money” a really good thrifty blog. A few years ago , we hosted her as she walked from the River Tyne back to her home on the other side of the Humber estuary. Ilona makes the most stunning art works from rubbish the rest of us throw away. I had a bag of fabric to pass on and as I know she makes lovely bags to sell for an animal charity she supports ,I thought she could make use of some of it and pass on what wasn’t suitable.

She also won her category in this seasons Shed of the Year and it was great to see it in person although she has had to move her art work into the house now that the cooler weather is coming. We also got a look at her garden.





Just as we left Ilona’s the rain started falling and continued all the way down to Sandringham in North Norfolk. I was so pleased that I had booked a ready erected tent and didn’t have to start pitching in the rain.

I was so pleased to see the size of this tent.

What a beautiful, roomy interior.  Two bedrooms, sleeping up to 6 and great cooking facilities with full equipment. All we had to take was our sleeping bags and washing up stuff. Mind you I did take a slow cooker and that was a great addition.

Tuesday dawned bright and warm for the time of the year and so we decided to have a ride Hunstanton on the coast. I have been trying to post a link to the map but it wont do it today. Basically, we rode NCN route 1 which conveniently passes the campsite entrance, up passed Sandringham House and on through Sedgeford to Ringstead. Here we turned left towards Old Hunstanton and visited the stripped cliffs there.

These cliffs are different sedimentary layers and apparently the colours are different because of the water levels in the shallow seas where the sea creatures lived and died. It almost looked as thought the cliffs were built on a red brick wall. The colours vary from red to orange and are not the result of oxidizing iron.


We then rode on to Hunstanton town, a typical sea side town and we stopped and had a lovely ice cream at a proper ice cream parlour. Unfortunately, the heritage centre was closed  and is only open at weekends. Such a shame as I would have liked to have had a poke about. I spoke to a young man and asked about a cycle route. He told us to cycle along the promenade as that’s the way he would cycle. So we did even though it said no cycling.  Mind you, there weren’t too many people about but I can imagine during the summer holidays it would be heaving with families. We rode along to Heasham which was as far as we could go , as the prom had a large locked gate across it.

After riding through the village , we came to the main road A149 which was very busy with lorries, cars and agricultural vehicles.There was a footpath so we got onto it and then rode along to Snettisham and were able then to take a quieter road Inglesthorpe and then back via Dersingham to the campsite. A ride of just over 25 miles.

Tuesday night was very windy and I was glad to be in a very secure tent but fortunately by morning, it had died down a bit. So after breakfast , we headed off again. We thought we would try cycling part of the Pedders Way, a 93miles walking and cycling route in Norfolk.  We rode up in glorious warm sunshine through Dersingham and then DS1 suggested taking a minor lane up to the Padders way. WRONG. DS1 and I ended up walking as it really was only suitable for mountain bikes. However , DH is much stronger and he managed it.


We met a young woman who was backpacking the Pedders Way and she told us the bridle way was just a short distance ahead. Well it wasn’t all that good and in some places was very muddy, so we got off it at the first opportunity  and rode on minor roads to Harpley where we sat and had 2nd breakfast.  We passed a house that had lots of apples on a table, free for the taking , so we picked up half a dozen for later.  Riding into Great Massingham, we had a look around as we remembered riding through this  place when we  rode the North Sea Cycle Route in 2006. Continuing on into Castle Acre , we stopped at the local shop and had ice cream. Yes , a bit indulgent but hey, its a holiday.

It is often said that Norfolk is flat but let me assure you it is not. While not like Yorkshire, there are plenty of rolling hills and there were all day.  We returned via West Acre. Here we saw a strange building. At first I thought it may have   been an old public WC but it wasn’t. It was something I have never seen before.  Any guesses?

A wheelwrights oven complete with a metal tyre rim inside. Isn’t it fascinating what lurks about in small villages.

Because of heavy traffic we turned off to Gayton Thorpe. Luckily for us,  this meant passing an area that had plenty of brambles growing with huge berries. We picked a small tub full before heading back through Grimston and crossing the A148 and on to West Newton  and passed the gates to Sandringham House , one of the Queen’s residences.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the gates as they remind me a quilting patterns.


Back to the site we had completed 35 miles.

I cooked the apples and brambles in the microwave and we had half of them with custard after dinner. Our neighbours could smell out meal cooking in the slow cooker and said they didn’t even think of bringing one. K and J were a lovely couple who are new to camping and we were able to pass on many tips. K has asked that I write a post as we dropped so many hints and tips into conversation so I will attempt to do that in the next few weeks.

On Thursday morning, we went down into Kings Lynn in the car as it was raining heavily but fortunately stopped by the time we had got back with the shopping. So DH and I went for a short ride.

Hope this works. It was only 6 miles but took us in a loop  back to Sandringham. We stopped for yet another ice cream and met a cycling couple with the West Norfolk CTC. We had a lovely chat with them before going back to the site. I spent some time knitting and had a lovely restful afternoon.

A thoroughly enjoyable trip away with family




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Autumn Equinox

Well, autumn is officially here and I haven’t done much cycling this week. I have only managed 16 miles but not because of my knee problem. That is still slowly getting better but because now we are having the dark mornings I don’t feel so motivated to ride in the dark. However , yesterday I added up just how many I have achieved so far this year and its 3415 miles and that doesn’t take into account the miles I have missed when the cycle computer stopped working. So I have about 600 miles to reach my goal of 4000 miles, still to go.

We will be down staying in Sandringham for a few days next week and hope to get some cycling in there. The weather forecast isn’t too promising with quite a lot of high winds predicted. Still. I hope its wrong.

I have managed to finish a pair of socks though as well as I had a very busy week working so I am not beating myself up.20160920_184404678_ios The eagle eyed among you will recognise that they are not exactly the same  but that is because I ran out of wool as this pair is just made from leftovers. Nonetheless they have been snapped up by DS1 as both he and DH love these hand knitted socks.

Well sorry its a short post but back during the week I hope

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