I am an active 60+woman  who has always lived in the  North East of England, near to God’s own country but am originally from Tyneside where I spent my youth practically living on the beaches there. I love the outdoors.

I enjoy cycling, kayaking, walking the hills and camping .I love all aspects of handwork -especially sewing clothing and other things for our adventures. I enjoy patchwork and free machine quilting . I have knitted since I was a small child and with my mother’s help I knitted my first jumper (sweater) at age 6. I knit  socks for myself and family and love knitting Norweigan sweaters ,despite the complication  of the patterns.


  1. Time for your potted biography, methinks!

    • I’m not sure how to do that Viv. I thought I had but it didn’t seem to come out

  2. Click on “edit” at the bottom of the standard introduction (to which I am replying). Delete all the stuff about This is an example. Type or paste in whatever you want to say, scroll down the page and click on “update.”

    http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/about-viv/ to see the kind of thing.

  3. Hi Viv, I can’t find the edit button. When I click on about it opens the example up but then I can’t do anything with it. Thick or what!
    Looks like I’ve done it. What do you think?

  4. I found you following a link from Blithe Bicyclist. I’ve compiled a giant list of women’s bike blogs (at the cleverly named http://www.womenbikeblogs.com), which I promote via Twitter (@womenbikeblogs) and Facebook (facebook.com/womenbikeblogs) in hopes of building readership and community so we get more women riding.
    The next time I update the web page (which I do every few months) I’ll add your blog to the list.
    Happy biking and blogging!

  5. I’m not sure if I already stopped by here…but just in case I didn’t, I wanted to say thanks for following my blog! I think it’s awesome that you’re cycling and writing about it!

  6. Thanks for following my blog. I spent my student years in the North East and I regard it as one of the formative places in my cycling life.

    Great header photo

  7. Thanks Kevin. Hope to read more of your adventures soon. Great job you have.

  8. Happy tailwinds in 2014 and onward. Have fun blogging too!

  9. Having just found your blog I’m inspired to dust off my bike i bought three years ago, i always have a concern though. How do you secure your bike when you leave it? Thanks for the inspiration and the lovely blog. I too enjoy walking and stitching. Regards, Elizabeth

    • well done on getting the bike out. start slowly and build up your mileage. Security is a big issue these days. Try to find a cycling companion – you can take turns to look after the bikes. When you do leave a bicycle try to be able to keep sight of it and always lock with at least 2 different locks- sometimes 3 and lock it too something sturdy that they cannot lift it over. in our town, we have a cycle centre where bikes can be left securely – see if there is one near you,

  10. Loved reading you’re piece about Carlisle to Teesside.

    Best wishes Mike Davison

    • good to meet you Mike. I hope this is inspiring for you. We can achieve far more than we think we can

  11. Hello Brenda, I found your blog through the post you wrote on the Saxon Church at Escomb. I live at Bishop Auckland and one of our sons lives at Middlesborough. He is a very keen cyclist and enters competitions all over the country. I’m 60+ too and admire and envy you for getting out and about on your bike.

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