Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 12, 2020

Wandering in strange ways

We have been trying to find new routes and places to go. The early part of the week I was working, so it was just short 10-12 miles in the early morning. Some days had a bit of sun but on the whole it was cool for the time of the year.

The flowers in town are very colourful and really brighten up the square and town hall.

As you see they are still encouraging people to keep clear of each other, which we are trying very hard to do.

Thursday saw us umming and aaring over where to go. So it wasn’t until about 10.00am that we finally got on the bikes and off out.

We decided to head north , with the intention of getting to Seaham just south of Sunderland. It would be on the old familiar route up through Hurworth Burn and Haswell. We saw the “old guys” I refer to as Last of the Summer Wine. If you are British you will know the comedy show from some years ago. They were sitting chatting and supposed to be bird watching.

Anyway, I digress. Once we got into South Hetton , we took the road through the village. We hadn’t used Komoot or took a paper map and ended up at a large roundabout and the sign posts for cyclists were to Easington. Well, the upshot was a long descent through Easington and down to the old colliery village of Easington Colliery.

Where the pit head was , is now a lovely nature reserve with picnic table and a good view out to sea. So here we had second breakfast. I also got bitten on my other leg. I don’t know what sort of flying bitey thing it was but my other leg now has the same rash as I got last week. I did feel it sting and itch this time though.

Easington Colliery nature reserve

We really didn’t fancy the slog back up the hill so decided to ride along to Horden. There we turned and climbed up to Peterlee and called at friends to use their facilities and then thought we were going across to Shotton. WRONG!! We actually ended up at the A19 , a motorway like road with huge lorries thundering past. We had seen a police vehicle pass us and thought if we were wrong they would have stopped us , but they just drove past. Well, there was no way I was going to cycle on the A19 although that is what DH wanted to do. There was also no way back as the road we had come on was one way.

Well, we got onto the verge and pushed the bikes for a few hundred yards , then over a bridge and on to the off slip road. Then we found another road leading to Haswell and followed the route back.

The old guys were still sitting where we had left them hours before and it was time to eat again. Out came the stove and I made cheese toasties. Both they and the passing dogs could smell them. We had a bit of banter as we didn’t have any to share.

As that ride was nearly 60 miles , we took it easy on Friday, only cycling out to Cowpen Bewley and back.

That left us fresh for another adventure on Saturday. There were 2 options but looking at the weather forecast we decided to head to Bedale in North Yorkshire.

I decided to put it into Komoot and see how it would route us. Well, we found tracks we didn’t know about one a couple of miles from home that we will use again if going to Hutton Rudby. It involved a curly whirly bridge.

Its been there years and I have driven under it but never realised it is a cycle path.

So up through Hutton Rudby and over the A19 near East Rounton where we were last week. However, this time we followed Komoot and it took us off on a gravel track which wasn’t too bad to start with but then deteriorated with large water filled holes. DH rode them but I got off and walked – didn’t want to fall off or in the water.

Even a small gate to get through

Well, that track ended and we were on a road only to be taken off on another track. We knew where we were at the road end and could have taken the main road to Brompton but I was curious to see where we would go. DH was a bit moany about the gravel bits though. We came into Brompton on a lane I didn’t know existed.

So we were on the road into Northallerton and then through Romanby and kept taking every turn Komoot instructed us too. Some where just little diversions off the main road so eventually , we arrived in Leeming and called to see good friends there for a brief garden chat.

Jill makes these lovely mushrooms in her kiln. Very pretty they look too.

Pottery Mushrooms by Jill

On the way out of Leeming village we saw this lovely old car – an Austin apparently circa 1930.

Old Austin

Apparently , it belongs to a lady who lives locally and had popped down to see someone nearby. Funnily enough, later , while crossing the road to cycle to Kirkby Fleetham, we saw a very old bus which was from the same era. I didn’t get the camera out quick enough for that one.

So into Bedale and we sat here for second breakfast. Its a lovely old traditional market town with cobbled areas.

Bedale church
Market Cross Bedale

Then it was back home on small roads. Komoot did try to take us a shorter way to East Cowton but as it was another gravel track, DH had had enough of those types of roads for the day. So it was a slightly long way to Great Smeaton where I again made cheese toasties. While the weather is dry , most of the time, its still not too warm especially for July.

Barley and Wheat are ripening in the fields though.


Here’s hoping for better weather next weekend.

This weeks total 190 miles and YTD 3554 miles.


  1. Bedale is lovely, I like it there. I used to drive through it a lot in a lorry, one of those places to go back to and have a look after I retired.

    • lovely to hear from you. glad you are still keeping busy

  2. I am very impressed by your cooking on a cycle ride.

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