Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 12, 2018

Making a sort of pizza on tour.

While we were away, we thought we would have a go at making a sort of pizza. We had seen a video on “Travelling Two” blog  about making a sort of Calzone but not using a bread dough base.

DH doesn’t like that sort of base so we started by buying a small box of plain flour ( I had to get someone to check for me it was suitable). and we carry a couple of sachets of  instant easy mix yeast.

As it was a lovely warm day, DH mixed up the dough of plain flour, salt, instant yeast and warm water and then kneaded .


While he did that, I sliced onion, red pepper and some mushrooms and then cooked them in the frying pan.


The dough was left to double in size and then knocked down and divided into two pieces and made into two thin circles that would fit in the panP1020107.

I carry a number of different herbs and spices so we spread tomato puree on one side of both pieces and sprinkle mixed herbs and garlic granules onto it.

Then the vegetables were placed on one piece and cheese sprinkle generously over.


The second circle of dough was placed on top   and the edges were crimpled together.

The frying pan was lightly  heated oiled and then the “pizza pie” was slid into the pan with the gas on fairly low. One side was cooked and then slid out and turned over. Sorry I didn’t get too many photos of this manoeuvre .


This is the result.



Absolutely yummy.

total mileage YTD 2409.9 miles


  1. I like the idea of carrying a selection of herbs on a cycle trip. Very good mileage total.

  2. Mmmm, that looks absolutely delish, Brenda! I must definitely have a go at that, if we ever get cycle touring again 😦 We’ve had to put everything on hold as Mike has something wrong with his knee and can hardly walk, let alone cycle! It even gave way going down the stairs in the early hours of Tuesday morning and he ended up somersaulting to the bottom – frightened me to death! Had to get him ambulanced to hospital in a neck brace and strapped to a spinal board. Fortunately no bones broken (he must be made of rubber!) but at least it speeded up the x-ray he was waiting for and they have found an ‘anomaly’ at the back of his knee. Have an appointment at the end of next week when we hope to find out what’s going on. All very frustrating, especially in view of the wonderful weather we’re having.

    • oh Chris I am so sorry to hear this news. I hope they get him sorted soon. My next post will be about the electric bicycle I have just purchased.

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