Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 15, 2018

Meet Bluebell

As some of you will know , I really struggled in some of the headwinds on our last long tour. DH said to me , he thought I should consider getting an e-bike. In the Netherlands and Germany, they are an everyday site. I have always said , not until I am seventy.

When away we met a Dutch couple and the wife had an e-bike so I could talk to them and discuss what it is like really touring. I also looked in a few cycle shops in the Netherlands, so I could get some ideas.

When we got home , I messaged a lady I now who has an e-bike and asked where she got hers and she recommended going to talk to the chap in a local shop. He was very helpful and I got further ideas but realised that the brands he sold while good were not quite the same thing as a touring bicycle.

I was in a bit of a dilemma as I do like Koga but last time I looked they had carbon forks. Not ideal in my opinion but I phoned Cyclesense   to talk to Dave in this family business. It was funny really because he said he had been going to ring me but thought it was cheeky.

So I said I needed advice on an e-bike and he told me that he had just had a delivery and one of them was a Koga World Tourer in my size and an e-bike. I told him of my reservations but he said the new model doesn’t have the carbon forks. So we chatted a bit more until I asked the question “What colour is it? ” Blue . Well that was it. It was meant to be.

In my childhood , I always had blue bikes  from my very first trike made up from bits but painted blue. So now in my second childhood, I have a blue bike.


I got Dave to change the saddle as I do like the one I purchased a couple of months ago and brought he home.


Even the battery has been colour co-ordinated.

During the week, being back to work, I was only able to manage short rides of 10-15 miles and so yesterday , we decided to do a long ride.

So we set off to Northallerton, 23 miles and then decided we would ride back through Darlington and up to Cozy Coffee near Coatham Munderville. I had no idea of the distance but felt good. For the first time ever, I have seen DH with a sweaty face as he rode up the hills behind me. On the flat , mostly I turned off the assist  and just rode  and was doing well. In total by the time we returned home, we had ridden 66 miles and I still had 3 bars of battery charge left. I was so delighted I phoned Dave to tell him.

I have to say that I used the gears in the same way as I usually do and only had it in eco mode except for once turning it up higher accidently when I was approaching a roundabout.

In the park the cygnets seem to have diminished on number and I was only able to take a photo of this one. I do hope the others are just hiding in the rushes.



weekly total 123.4 miles YTD 2533.3


  1. My sister and hubby always take their bikes away with them in the caravan. They were finding cycling a bit hard going, both 60 almost 70. They changed them for e bikes, don’t know the make, but now they love cycling again.

    • hi Ilona – ordinary day to day cycling isnt a problem but going on our long rides has become more difficult for me to keep up with DH. This means he isnt slowed down and I can keep going much longer . trying it out on a solo cycle tour hopefully in a couple of weeks.

  2. Now there’s food for thought, Brenda. I will be interested to see how you get on with your e-bike re how many miles it does before the battery goes flat, how easy it is to charge up, etc. I’m sure those of us of a certain age will be considering one of these in the not too distant future!!

    • I am riding it to see just how many miles I get unloaded so I will let you know how many as I will ride it until its onto its only cell. The info on the Koga says 140kms that’s over 85 miles on the eco setting. I hope to go off early in August for a few days fully loaded. I need a hook up set up that DS1 is sorting out for me.

  3. I am trying to persuade Mrs T to get one so I was interested to read that you got 66 miles out of yours with battery to spare. This seems to be more than I have heard of people getting before but I would imagine that you do more unassisted pedalling than most.

    • the website says 140kms on a full charge in the eco mode which is the least assisting mode. I have been riding as much as possible unassisted but this morning kept it on all the time as the wind was a bit blowy. I find I am riding much faster this way giving DH a really good workout heehee. Loving this .

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