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An Unexpected Tour 2018 – part 5

Sunday  1st July 2018

On Saturday, we had used that well known mapping system to find our way into Haarlem and on the south side we found our church. We did this so that we know where we were going. We then wanted to find the Corrie Ten Boom museum in the city centre. We did find it but unfortunately, we weren’t able to book and even though we went back later we couldn’t get in. This was a shame as I remember  hearing about how she and her family protected Jewish people and members of the resistance during WW2. They were then captured and she was sent to a concentration camp where she thanked God for the lice as it kept the guards out of their barracks so they could have a Bible study class each evening. An inspirational woman who fortunately survived her  ordeal going back to  the family watch makers in Haarlem. I will hopefully be able to visit on another occasion.

The was a young couple with a couple of young children who were cycle touring and the older of the little boys , was a delight and very polite.  He came and chatted to us – in Dutch , we seemed to managed and he seemed to understand us well. What a delight to have this interaction.


Anyway, on a beautiful Sunday morning, we rode to church and had a pleasant surprise as we were issued with a headphone system and a lady translated everything that was said.


When we returned from church, another couple Kym and Kevin from the south of England  were also there. They had tried to go to Amsterdam but the wind was too strong and they couldn’t even get a train in. So we suggested having lunch together and Jozef and I made Pizza Pie on our camp stove. I will share this in a separate post.


Later in the afternoon , they cycled off as the wind started to drop and they let us know they were safe in Leiden.

Another Dutch couple arrived a little later and I noticed that the lady had an e-bike that she was touring with. We chatted with them as I had been finding the wind a real problem and was holding DH back, I felt. Food for thought.

Monday 2nd July 2018

We decided to have a ride into Imjuiden  and chose to go along to the coast and ride along that way. It was  beautiful but again the winds were really strong.  We found a camp shop but it was shut on Monday. In the Netherlands,  businesses are often closed on Monday especially if they open on Saturday.

We went into the town centre and  I bought a bell as a gift for my son as he likes the one I have. We returned the same way making note that we had to turn off near the Shell garage as the cycle sign to the port is missing.

Just before we  left , I put my Kindle on to charge in the facilities block. I should have known better  but it vanished and at first I thought the farmer had taken it for safe keeping but it wasn’t to be. I wont be so trusting in future.

Tuesday, 3rd July 2018


So our last day in the Netherlands. We had a very leisurely pack up and  rode to the port a slightly different way.  We  bought some more gas canisters to take home and  then rode to the port. We thought we would have a long time to wait to board but it wasn’t so and we were soon settled in our cabin and a welcome dinner and then we sat outside watching the ferry leaving a wake as it navigated the North Sea.  We stayed outside until we started to get chilly in the   wind. So to bed

Wednesday, 4th July 2018

We enjoyed a hearty breakfast and then waited to dock and start for home. The sky was grey and overcast and would you believe it, the wind swung around so that it came from the SE and we were again faced with a headwind. DS1 had texted us to say he would arrive and pick up our luggage  in the car which heartened us. So it was with unloaded bikes , we rode all the way home. The track has really deteriorated south of Sunderland as DH had said but we managed,

All in all, we had a fabulous time despite the pesky headwinds and it has probably been the driest cycle tour we have ever made.

110.7 miles so that completed 1029.3 miles in the tour.




  1. Great mileage. You really got about. That must have improved your yearly target a lot.

  2. Lovely pic of Joseph and the little Dutch boy. How long was the ferry crossing?

  3. I was so interested to read there is a Corrie Ten Boom museum—many years ago my sister in law gave me a wonderful book about her life and experience in the conentration camp. i will have a look on line about the museum. you would enjoy the book i cannot remember the title. jean/winnipeg

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