Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 17, 2017

I got my wish

What was I wishing for? Sunshine? Well we got some this week whoopee!!

I have managed to ride almost every day this week. Mostly just near home, along the river or the long way to Albert Park. Still that added up to a tidy 60miles. There are flowers blooming all around and young birds are fledging everywhere. I can photograph the flowers but the birds are a bit more difficult.


This is the mass of daisies blooming along the banks of the local beck. It is humming with bees but I didn’t really get to catch one on the flowers.

Along the river, there are lots of seabirds including the black headed gulls and the larger Herring gulls. However, I cant find a photo of one of those that I took.


Today, Saturday, was very warm even at 8.00am. We decided to not go too far but I had in mind to get in 40 miles to make a nice round 100 for the week.

We headed off up through Great Ayton and then along to Easby. It was really starting to heat up and there were some lovely clear views of the Cleveland hills which we kept in sight of but didn’t climb today. I took photos of Roseberry Topping and Captain Cooke’s monument.

Captain Cook, he who sailed to Australia, New Zealand and never returned from Hawaii, was  a local boy  who went to school in Great Ayton.


I do like how I can zoom in with this new camera but I still keep forgetting how to use it.  I tried to take some panoramic shots but couldn’t remember how to do them.

We rode around through Battersby and along to Ingleby Greenhow. We had a short break and DH donned his hat under his helmet . This was liberally doused with water to keep him cool. I already had a hat on and was going to water it, but it was already soaked with sweat. DH hardly sweats at all, me I was drenched.

We carried on though Great Broughton and in to Stokesley . I phoned a friend who has a farm on the other side of the A19 but she wasn’t home. We decided not to go quite as far over and  rode along through Skutterskelf ( I do like that name) and into the outskirts of Hutton Rudby. where we turned on to NCN52 which undulated across the countryside to Seamer. As it was now 11.30am , we decided to stop under the shade of a large sycamore tree and eat. We were wondering about the age of the tree and DH thinks it could be as old as 400 years , judging by the  girth of the tree.


We rode down through Hilton and Ingleby Barwick  and down to the Tees and into Stockton before finishing off our usual riverside route. Success 40.3 miles today.

The weekly total was 100.6miles  and YTD is 1629.6 miles.

Hope you can view this record on Ride with GPS.


  1. I visited that monument in my orienteering days. Your route map link worked well.

  2. You sure did! Those skies are clear and by the sounds of it, the day was hot. Your link to the map worked Brenda, thanks. I enjoy seeing those.

    • Glad I managed the map thing. The weather was just abnormal for us and it was the hottest June weather for 40 years

  3. Your new camera seems to be doing the job Brenda. I love seeing all the daisies – such happy little faces. You are certainly seeing a lot of the countryside around you. I like the pace at which its happening too. You see so much more than when driving. I’m glad your mileage count is meeting expectations. Keep the lovely photos coming.

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