Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 11, 2017

Flaming June – I wish

What a week it’s been here in the NE of the UK. The weather has been more like autumn than summer with high winds and heavy rain, indeed  there has been twice the normal rainfall in about 36 hours . This is a long winded way of saying I haven’t been out cycling much,

I have had a few early morning rides but it hasn’t added up to much. As the rain pelted down and the winds blew the trees all over the place, we stayed home on Saturday and got our stuff organised for our next trip away. We hope to drive up to the north of Scotland and then get across to the islands with our folding bikes and camping gear. Its meant altering our pannier attachments from the Koga settings and DH will tow my trailer. We had a practice pack and then had a short ride to see how we rolled. Seems fine and everything will go in the back of the car, so roll on next month.

The early morning rides have seen us dodging showers but it was lovely to see just how the goslings are growing. They are obviously used to people bringing food because as soon as I stopped , they came waddling towards me at speed.  Comical to see when I didn’t have food. They looked dejected.

Anyway, my mileage this week is a measly 26 miles so that is 1529 YTD. Still it could have been worse – I might not have cycled at all. Hope next week is better.





  1. I have just seen the forecast so I wouldn’t get your hopes for next week up too high.

  2. One can never fathom the weather Brenda. Glad you made it out to capture the goslings’ growth though. I love the photo. Good luck for a better cycling week next week.

  3. It’s good you have a trip to prepare for Brenda. That’ll take away the no-ride blues.

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