Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 25, 2017

Solstice Week

After the heat of last week, it has been much more comfortable here in the NE of England and so with the very long days I have been able to get out  and achieve more than a century this week.

On Monday morning , we got up to wake the birds , well at least the ducks who were sleeping on the cycleway though Albert Park.



As you can see , the geese were awake. The 2 white ones make good guard dogs and squark like mad but don’t wake the ducks. It took me a couple of days to get some decent shots of the rapidly growing goslings who are now nearly as big as their parents. They are loosing the downy feathers and adult plumage is starting to show.



So most of the riding has been our usual river rides or nearby home  and the profusion of wild flowers is a delight. I don’t get time to photograph as many as I would like but I see that in Albert park, the hill with cowslips has now got these blue beauties growing instead .

I also managed to get a couple of photographs of these gulls. When I stopped to get the shot, they went further away across the field but I could use the zoom to snap them. One had darker wings than the other.

Yesterday , with 60 miles on the clock, I was out to do another 40 . We set off for Darlington but saw a chap that looked like a cycle tourist and then a short while later saw him again. He was lost in the Teesside conurbation. So we changed our plans and rode with him up to NCN route 1 at Thorpe Thewles and set him on his way. He was an interesting chap, originally from Germany but cycling around , the last place being Columbia in South America. He teaches English and was on his way up to Edinburgh to teach French youth for a month and then come back south for another stint teaching Italian youngsters. He works about 6 months of the year.

Once we had left him, we headed through Carlton and picked up the way through Redmarshall and Bishopton and rode to see Rosie at Cozy Coffee. She seems to know all her customers by name and said ” the usual, 2 hot chocolates?”  of course and we had some of her delicious ginger cake too.

Then we rode down into Darlington and I went fabric shopping. Eventually I want to try making my own swimsuit, and they had a lovely purple and white paisley. I wont get it done before our next trip, but it will be there for winter time sewing.

We came back through the Whinneys nature reserve and I did get nettled as the paths are so overgrown. Its like being in the jungle . Stopping in Elton for a short break, I snapped the lovely bus stop complete with seating.


We then took the longer way home along the river and this is my attempt at a panoramic photo.


It was very blowy but fortunately on our way home we had the wind on our backs. I do hope we get a few more weeks of summer. The forecast for yesterday , didn’t show this sunshine , so we got lucky. .

This week 106.2 miles  1735.8 YTD


  1. I bet that chap was very glad of your help! It’s easy to get lost in unfamiliar towns even when you’re in your own country.

    • he was Lizzie. We are always willing to help cycle tourists as on occasion we have been helped and we like to pay it forward as the saying goes. Do you have any plans for a cycle trip

      • Well, I will hopefully be making some plans soon – let’s just say I am awaiting a delivery today from Tadcaster having visited last week!

      • So pleased for you.

  2. Good panorama. The top picture was invisible to me but i enjoyed the others. Well done for getting your weekly 100 in.

    • Thanks TP I will try to get that picture visible. Sometimes WP doesn’t let one show for whatever reason

      • is it visible now TP please. I removed the caption

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