Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 27, 2016

Storm Angus

Well we had our first of the winter storms , named Angus, and it really did bring a lot of rain. In the south of the country , there was really bad flooding but it wasn’t too bad near us. We did see some trees that came down near a beck ( stream) and you could see just how high the water came up. The rains lasted for 2 days and nights so I didn’t cycle in them but I know a man who did!! He was out with Sustrans checking a route so well done Andy.

On Thursday, it was dry and sunny but with a bit of frost to start with. Good fortune  meant that a had a few hours during the morning and early afternoon so we could go for a ride. We decided to ride to Marske by the Sea and headed off along NCN1, after calling at our chapel to drop off some stuff, and were soon in South Bank and Grangetown. After that it was along the trunk road and into Redcar. We were going to cycle along the prom but when we got there it was fully covered in sand, no doubt due to the recent storm bring it up off the beach. So we stayed on the road until we reached the other end and then got on the track into Marske. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to call on a friend so headed back along the track to Kirkleatham.


20161124_121249667_iosI took a photo of the Alms houses there and then on the news we heard that some Anglo Saxon bodies that had been excavated when the primary school was extended, were reinterred at the local church.  There is just so much history that we are unaware of. Then it was on through Eston and Normanby to home. 27 miles.

Friday, was a special day for us. My brother and I were sealed to our parents in the Preston England Temple so there was no cycling.

Saturday started with freezing fog so we didn’t leave home until 10.00am when the fog started to lift. We actually used the tandem , as my right knee has started playing up again so we only rode 11.5 miles. Actually, we used it as a way of getting some shopping and combining it with a check on the river path. The rubbish that is partly blocking it has still not been removed, I am sorry to say. We are contacting environmental services again this week.

I have had time to finish my Kaleidoscope quilt and have enjoyed the actually free machine quilting but I haven’t made it too obvious as I done want to fight with such a bright coloured quilt. Hope you can see some in the close ups.

so miles cycled this week 38.5 mls and YTD  4064.3 miles





  1. In spite of the storm you cycled more then me as we had icy roads all week. The quilting looks great fun.

  2. Thanks TP. ice packing is helping my knee again but no cycling so far this week

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