Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 20, 2016

Goal !! 4000 miles

Looks like something went wrong with last weeks post but I was nearing my cycling goal and this week the super moon appeared on Tuesday early in the morning as I completed my 4000 mile of the year.

To say I was pleased, was a bit of an understatement. I was also very pleased because there was no rain either. As the week progressed we had more and more wintery weather with rain and frost every day. But it I the past mid November so we shouldn’t complain.

On Thursday evening DS1 and I went to the local cycle touring groups evening meeting and watched a video presentation of about 10 years ago when some of them went across to France. They were staying in chalets and went out cycling each day. The highlight for them was cycling up Mont Vonteux .

One of my goals this year was to cycle every day , but as I had passed 4000 miles , I decided I didn’t have to ride in the rain now. A few months ago, when my knee was too painful, that goal was dropped. However, on Saturday morning, we decided a ride was in order. Due to work commitments we didn’t set off until 11.00am. DS1 had been out in the car and told us that only 20 miles away, there was 4 inches of snow so a flat ride was needed. So off we went to Saltholme via the amenity  tip where I got ride of shoes I wont wear again. Fortunately, there is a charity box there, so they aren’t just dumped.

It was very cold and there was ice on the paths.

So when we went to the reserve, we went into the café and had jacket potato and beans and  hot chocolate to warm up.  I was also pleased to see there was a knit and natter session going on and one of the volunteers is knitting woodland animals and while chatting found we had a love of quilting too. I could see that DH was getting a bit edgy to be underway again so had to leave but not before showing one of the ladies how to knit continental style.

So YTD I have cycled 4025.8 miles.

DH has asked if I have a revised goal but I don’t. I will just keep cycling and see how many I achieve.





  1. 5000 next year then? Congratulations. I still have 180 miles to go so I need a few more days of good weather as I am definitely a fair weather cyclist and wouldn’t have gone out on those icy paths of yours.

    • Think it will be 4000 again . Still working although over retirement age and I love what I do. That means less time to get the miles in.

      • Fair enough. You could cycle a lot faster though 🙂

      • no I don’t think so. when with DH its all I can do to keep up and I am soaked through with sweat. not good on a cold windy day.

  2. That is some achievement! I have done more this year than last but still only just over 1000, so nothing compared to you.

    • But it’s 1000 more than most women of our age. Well done and you did some solo camping too. Even fewer of us woohoo

      • Yes, I like to think that every time I get out on my bike I’m encouraging someone else to do the same when they see me.

  3. Congratulations Brenda – that’s a top achievement in my books. Well done! Keep on pedalling and sharing. I always enjoy your posts.

    • thanks Gail. I enjoy your writings too and love to see the sunshine photos

  4. Woohoo! Congratulations on reaching your goal. The super moon must have been very auspicious for you.

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