Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 4, 2016

Dark days

tI haven’t done much cycling this week because my leg has been painful again but we did get out yesterday – all be it I was riding stoker on the tandem.

We didn’t leave until 10.30am and rode along the river towards Stockton. The mess is still on the track but I spoke to Environmental Services and it will be shifted , when resources are available. In the mean the meantime more gets added and it looks so unsightly.

However, yesterday we rode past where one of the pylons was, and hey presto  during the week, its gone. They were clearing up the last bits of it.

So from here , we rode along the north bank of the river and passed the barrage which was really busy with kayakers. Once in Stockton , we crossed the market place which was extra busy as there was Ferris wheel and a carousel which were both doing good business.

We followed our usual route out of town, up through Hartburn and then across the A66 approach roads. Its a bit tricky here , at the best of times, so we dismounted and walked across the junctions. I feel a bit vulnerable stuck out the back as we wait for the cars to pass.

Once we got near the Whinneys Nature reserve, we didn’t go through as it was too wet. So it was down the back and then back up into Middleton St George. We also avoided the old rail track and headed up to the A67. I didn’t realise there is a footpath along there which then becomes a shared path. We followed the cycle route and came to Moreton Park. I am the only person who when approaching somewhere familiar, from a different direction, tales a while to realise where they are. I had to turn around and look for the way we would normally come if in a car, to get my bearings. The route to the town centre is a bit circuitous and added on a few miles too.

I went to buy some fabric and here is the first one – a nativity scene. DH wants  waistcoat  making up in it. Sorry it isnt the right way up but you get the idea.

I also spotted this one and as we had ridden on the tandem, I couldn’t resist a bit of it too.


We hadn’t left until mid morning and by the time I had made my purchases it was already 1.30pm and the sun was beginning to drop a little. We decided to use the muddy rail track and get back in a shorter distance than the 20 miles it had taken us to get there. So by 3.30pm we were home having ridden 37 miles so that brings my YTD total to 4101 miles – don’t forget that 1.



  1. The’ one’ is particularly impressive.

  2. I feel as if I’ve been on that ride with you Brenda – so descriptive. What a total! Hope the leg improves.

  3. thanks Robyn.

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