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Homeward Bound

The campsite outside Brielle , although large was really nice and quiet despite having a party of 44 schoolchildren camping there. They were so well behaved and had been there all week having cycled 35 kms from Rotterdam. I spoke to their teacher and a parent helper as they were so well behaved for children between the ages of 11 and 13 and complimented them. A large furniture removal van came to take all the camping gear and luggage back to the school before they set off for the ride home.

It was a lovely sunny day and a complete contrast to the Monday when they had ridden down. Because of so little wind we had some condensation inside the tent but it soon dried as the sun rose and we were able to breakfast sitting in the sunshine.  We commenced the usual packing routine, DH packing the bedding and me the  kettle, stove and food.

We had a lovely leisurely ride into Brielle saying goodbye to a very kind Dutch couple who plied us with cream puffs before  we left.  The ride is alongside a lake and it was really pleasant. Brielle is an old town and we heard the church clock playing the delightful tune on the bells as we have heard in other Dutch towns.

We stopped and had an ice cream sitting outside  a café  and chatted to a girl who  was visiting her parents but who now lives in Bristol. She was riding her mother’s Koga which is how we got chatting.

We then cycled to Oostwoorde and sat in the sunshine eating a Panini  and then apple pie. This statue was in the square.


Some of the detail was interesting.

IMG_1658 IMG_1659

All too soon , it was time to set off to get back to the port and we passed the BP building with its eco-friendly roof.IMG_1661

Arriving at the port we went into find the same helpful, cheerful chap at reception who was their the previous day. He directed us to take our bikes and sit in the waiting room, but about an hour later a security guard came and said it wasn’t allowed. I had taken a note of Mr Nice Reception Man’s name and told him to go and see him. He went off not to return.

We met an older English couple on E bikes who had been staying on an island in the south of Holland and they had been waiting outside all afternoon.  Their car was waiting in Hull for the drive home.

We enjoyed our ferry journey taking advantage of the reduction on the meal deal once again. The only downside was arriving in Hull the ramp stuck and the car decks where we had our cycles couldn’t be unloaded.IMG_1664

You can just imagine the disgruntled car drivers. We eventually took the lift down to the freight deck and  were able to get off that way but the signage was very, very poor and we made a 4 mile detour before getting into Hull.

What a culture shock despite being away only 4 weeks , it was very displeasing to see all the rubbish piled up in the streets on the cycle track.IMG_1667

We carried on and it was lunchtime by the time we got to the Humber Bridge picnic area which was packed with people as it was such a lovely day. Then after eating , we cycled off through North Ferriby and into Elleker where there was a village fete. We popped in and DH spoke to a young army cadet at the car park. He was interested in how far we had travelled and was amazed that such journeys could be made.

Along through Brookfleet and a couple of cyclists told us of an open church hall in Blacktoft which is run on similar lines to the trust hut in York. This sign was on the side of the building.IMG_1673

Hope you poetry buffs can read this.

Then off again through Howden and Selby and onto Riccall where Mr and Mrs Swan welcomed us back with cake and hot chocolate as we told them of our adventures.

Sunday 29th 2015 arrived with a bit of early rain so we packed up and left about 9.00am amd cycled up through York and called in to see friends in Linton on Ouse and then crossed over Aldwark bridge where we began to see a lot of cyclists wearing numbers. So many gave us friendly waves and they were on a cycle race from Ripon. We stayed the night  at Boroughbridge camping and caravanning site before setting off on Monday with a tail wind. Yiphee, the first one of the  trip. I was flying along and including  stops we covered those 44 miles in less than 5 hours. Our son was surprised to see us home so early as he had been intending to cycle out to meet us.

In total, we had cycled 1370 miles with full and I mean full camping kit. Not too bad for a pair of oldies.


  1. Hi. I think you mean Sunday the 28th. I couldn’t meet you on the Saturday because I was busy with our village fete. Fantastic mileage, well done.

  2. probably Ilona. I really did loose track of time and just went from the diary I had written when I couldn’t get the net connection I needed. didn’t check the date. Simple that’s me.

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