Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 6, 2015

We had a dreadful night in Amsterdam with noise all night and as we were getting up, they all went to bed.  So we got  the tent down  and were off the site by 7.15am and as it had been cool and windy all night , it was a dry pack. Although it started out dull and grey , as the morning progressed, the sun came out but we still had to content with a  strong headwind of about force 6.

Amsterdam had fairly good signage  but  the speed of cyclists coming from every compass point was a bit daunting.  We were headed for Haarlem  and were on the south of the city. Commuter cyclists  made it stressful as they sped along and cut in front  and so we were quite pleased as the traffic thinned as we got to the suburbs.

We stopped for 2nd breakfast in Haarlem before heading off towards Zandvoort but missed the turning to NSCR and had to back track. It was off a very dusty track from a carpark but after a short climb , we were on a very nice track through dunelands.  Zandvoort had a market going on across the track but we were able to find the way and then as we carried on along the track we saw lots of cyclists with Team UK on their jerseys. There was a charity event on organised by a British charity and companies were raising  money. This charity aims to get people taking more care of their health.

We had been looking for a Pancake house , we had visited many years ago when we cycled the NSCR ourselves but we couldn’t find it. Eventually we stopped in Noordwijk and had  cheese and tomato pancakes. We carried on to Katwijk  and stopped for ice cream  and  there was a memorial to those from the town who had lost their lives at sea.


Then a short while  later  found a campsite right off the track. DH would have preferred to go further but I was   tired because of the constant headwind. It was useful though because I could get washing done and dried and we enjoyed sitting in the sun , sheltered from the wind.

We got talking to a couple from Bremen and  discovered I had lost a nut from my  rear carrier. The man looked in his toolbag and found a nut and screw that was a little too long but made it secure, They also gave us a lovely salad as they had made too much for themselves.

Thursday 25th June 2015 started calm and dry but as the sun rose , that pesky headwind started up. We were talking to a chap near the facilities block and he told us of a  small ferry that runs from the Hook of Holland to near Europort  DH had already mooted the idea of getting and earlier ferry back to England and this information clinch it.

It  was lovely riding along through the dunes with wild flowers blooming in  a profusion of colour, red, purple, blue and yellow.  Just beautiful.

It was easy to follow the signs through Den Haag and we were very soon down at the Hook of Holland where we  caught the fast ferry.


There was a man who had a very old bicycle  with a  tiny petrol engine such as I remember from my childhood.IMG_1640

We got off at the second ferry stop seemingly in the middle of nowhere and started cycling along the main road. There were hundreds of seagulls nesting  and the chicks were wandering out onto the road. There were signs warning drivers  of the birds and this was amongst  oil refineries and other chemical plants.IMG_1653

We got to the port only to discover that it would cost us £90 to get the ferry that day so we asked about Friday – £30- so we changed the booking for the next day and headed off to a campsite near Brielle. We were heading home earlier just when the sun had come out.



  1. I’m still with you. I’ve been to the Truck Racing at Zandvoort :o)

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