Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 11, 2015

Paying it Forward

This morning we were up early to take DS2 to catch a coach for a weekend trip  and so weren’t too sure what we were going to do today.

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and , as I had a pain in my calf for a few days we decided not to have a long ride. However , it did feel so much better, so we decided we would ride over to Thornaby and Stockton and then decide how I was doing.

We had only got to the end of Cambridge Road , when I spotted a couple of obvious cycle tourists.  Well being an inquisitive, nay nosey girl, I had to stop and chat. They had been staying in a nearby hotel and wanted to get on  a road to Whitby.  They come from Belgium and  are cycling from Inverness to London.  Yesterday had been a bit of a trial for them, as they got lost trying and failing to get through Sunderland following NCN1.  It can be a bit complicated in Ryhope and they found themselves in Seaham with no more signage. They were thinking of riding the A171  but on a sunny Saturday morning, that road can be filled with fast moving traffic and as they had a map we were able to show them NCN52 , a much quieter and scenic route.

However, we weren’t going to just leave them to find the way , so, as others have done for us , we rode with them taking them on cycle routes up to Nunthorpe and putting them on to the route to Great Ayton. IMG_1678

Good Luck Isla and Pete.

We then decided to go along Tunstall lane and then on to the village of Newby.IMG_1682

We then  went down through Thornton and Stainton before heading in to Thornaby and buying chicken and leek sausage from a lovely butchers  and then along to Stockton market  for our locally produced eggs.

Unkown to us, Stockton was having a  cycling festival and we saw a couple of friends  who had taken part in a Sportive.

When we got home , we found we had cycled more than 25 miles , so for a short ride we had a lovely morning and my leg feels alright.




  1. What a nice surprise for you, and them. I remember you came out and looked for me when I was visiting, guided me around a tricky bit. You are very kind.

  2. Just finished your last holiday bit. Fantastic! I think you and your oh are amazing to be doing such things. I’d love to do the same if I wasn’t so fat and unfit! I must get cycling!
    Can we see a pic of your new trailer? I was very excited to read that you’d got one now! Big hugs dear lady xx

    • haven’t got it yet- it is coming from Holland in the next week so will put it on then

  3. I think it’s very uncommon and unwanted surprise for you!

  4. Thanks for the help! We found our way and the track was amazing!
    Greetings Piet and Ilse

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