Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 1, 2015

Down the River Weser ( part 5)

The ride into Bremen was really the point of this trip as about 50 years ago , I made exchange visits with other youngsters of the German Life Saving society , the DLRG and I wanted to see the sights again. It was unfortunately cold and grey but I was pleased to see a new DLRG station at Stadtwerder.


I had very fond memories of the old place which was a wooden hut but times change. We found our way into the city centre and took photos at the Roland statue and the Bremerstadtmusikanten.

.IMG_1509 IMG_1513

As I recall  the Roland statue was unpainted back then and the animal statue has been put onto a much higher plinth. But memories can always be false so I may not have it correct.

Again. as is usual finding our way out of the city was confusing and to add to it, the rain came down in torrents so on went the waterproofs. Eventually , we got onto the right track but the headwind was again tiring. We phoned our friend Carole who is cycling the North Sea Cycle route to see where she had got too. We decided to meet up at a campsite in Dangast but by the time we got up to Brake, we realised it was too far.  No nearby campsite so we decided to look for a B and B and had to turn back a little ways. Eventually, we me a couple of local cyclists who recommended the Harrier Hof hotel. They offered an apartment with breakfast for 80E so we took it and had dinner there too. Again I had to make a trip to an ATM machine.



  1. Hi. I recognize Bremen, my German brother Ingo lives there. You are doing really well, interesting to read about your adventures.

    • hi Ilona we are back home now but I didn’t have connection to the web a lot of the time so am writing the trip up now. sorry to have missed seeing you down your way.

  2. Hi Brenda. Glad you are back safe. The rain sounds horrible, you are braver than I am. Walking in it is bad enough, I wouldn’t fancy cycling in wet gear. Sorry to miss you, I guess the dates didn’t match up for two busy people. Thanks for your write ups.

    • hopefully we can arrange a meet up later in the year.

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