Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 1, 2015

Away from the Weser.

swiftsBy the next morning, Jozef wasn’t feeling too good and so it was good that we were having a short day. We headed west from Brake and across country towards Jade and then on to Varel and into Dangast.

It was great to see Carole looking so well. She had cycled 13 miles and us 31.  She had told the reception we would be arriving but there was a bit of confusion as her German isn’t too hot and the campsite man’s English was no better, However, he was surprised when I got there  and spoke to him in German. He even gave me free passes to the  swimming pool but we didn’t use them.

In the campsite amenities block there were swifts nesting and we were lucky to see then fledge before we left.IMG_1538

We put up the tent and the extension despite the strong winds , and as it rained it was just as well as we had somewhere for us all to sit.


You can see the fabric being pushed in by the wind but it kept us dry. We made pasta and chicken for our evening meal but I managed to drop some of it. duh! We were all tired and so had an early night. I awoke and thought it was morning when in fact it was only 10.40pm. However, I was up at 5.00am next morning for a shower feeling well.

There is so much bird life around here and there were small birds perching on and around our bikes.





  1. Enjoying following your journey…..

  2. thanks Trevor. Hope to get the rest written up soon.

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