Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 1, 2015

Down the River Weser (part 4)

I was feeling quite tired and so we had a bit later start and the weather was bright but with another strong northerly headwind.

The landscape is fairly flat here and featureless but still with fields full of ripening grains and potatoes and some haymaking. We followed the signs for Hoya but ended up in a sand quarry and had to turn back and take a ferry across the river. We stopped at a church where the organ was being repaired to refill our water bottles and were  surprised to see Karol from the Netherlands who we have seen a number of times on this trip. He also had to take the ferry just behind us. This ferry is at Schweringen and cost 1E each to cross.

We carried on to Hoya and stopped for supplies. It seemed strange to me that in both the Netherlands and Germany, no shops or businesses will take Visa cards and MasterCard seems to be the preferred option. The only way to use a Visa card is to withdraw cash from an ATM machine.

We called into tourist information in Verden before starting the little bit of climbing from here. There are quite a few old windmills in the area as well as a lot of wind  turbines and I was surprised at how much opposition to them there is in Germany. I suppose this also shows that there must be a fairly constant wind in the area.

We sat and picnicked just outside of Achim in a lovely sheltered spot near the river and it surprised us just how strong the  wind had become. I saw a lady with s bicycle sitting knitting so stopped to have a word with her.

From Achim to Thedinghausen, the route circles the village and goes a long way around to reach the main road and then we saw a campsite sign Fährhaus. We realised we were off the route a little but decided to try it as after 50 miles into the headwind I was for stopping.

We had to phone to get onto the site as it was very quite but a chap looks after it who lives in the site. he came across to let us in and we spent a nice night here, talking to another German cyclist who was making a solo trip up to Denmark.


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