Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 20, 2013

Clickfix varo rack

A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed a handlebar bag for the Dahon but  because of the way the bars fold this wasn’t possible. Looking on line I came across a link to the Klickfix Varo rack. This fits onto what I believe is called the head stock. I hoped that an existing altura bag we have would fit. However it caught on the existing rack when the handlebars were turned.


Here is a photo of  the fixing made for the Dahon Speed which is attached by two bolts into the ready made boltholes in the headstock.  Dave at Cyclesense recommended and got this for me but when in place thebag prevented free movement . Drat ! What to do?
Here is the handlbar fixing which we’ve for a good few years.


I searched on line and found the Klickfix Varo Rack and was willing to take a chance that it would work as it had 2 positions for fixing. It was easy for me to fix in place. It comes complete with straps to hold luggage in place and there is a reflector as well.


My Ortlieb bag sits well on the rack but I must say ,it was a little disconcerting when I first rode with it in place. That is because I’m used to seeing the bag move with the handlbars, and it stays in line with the cycle frame.

When, if I ever do, I will still be able to use my front pannier bags when on cycle tour.
This is the sort of weather we are ‘enjoying’ at present.


DH has asked that l keep off the bike until the snow goes as he concerned about me having a fall.  It doesn’t usually last long but in the mean while I am exercising on a ski machine. Heyho.


  1. It is disconcerting for the bag to stay where it is but you soon get used to it. That’s an awesome piece of kit.

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