Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 12, 2013

Low,low tide

Last Monday morning, I decided I would have an early morning ride come hell or high water . Well that is if it didn’t rain. Well although the ground was wet, there was no liquid moonlight coming down when I left home at 6.00am. It was a solo ride as DH was getting another sore throat and didn’t want to make himself worse and DS didn’t want to get out of bed.
I decided to ride along the river but keep off roads as much as possible . I was so surprised to hear the dawn chorus as the sky was still black dark as far as I was concerned. I was away just over an hour and cycled 11 miles using the Koga.

This morning , we decided to have a short ride, again along the river path. We were so surprised to see the river so low. I don’t recall seeing it this low before.

These are old staithes which were where the ships would moor up. There used to be a lot of industry here but most of that has gone now.

There is a hole in the path on the north side of the river. It’s been there for about 6 months and someone has kindly covered it with an old pallet but that is beginning to break down. I don’t know if it has been reported but I think I will have to contact Stockton Council to get it sorted. I think if may be a manhole cover that has been damaged by lorries running across it while turning in to a supermarket distribution warehouse.
On the way back we called at the As** supermarket as the mixed beans in tomato sauce are 44p which is 30p cheaper than Morr****s. We bought 10 tins which we brought back in DH’s rear pannier .
I was riding Speedy- the Dahon . I’ve been having a bit of trouble when in the 5th sprocket. Dave of Cyclesense , who sold me the Koga, suggested lubing the gear cable. Well I’m pleased to report that seems to have done the trick. All the gears are changing smoothly with no slippage.
The weather was very mixed today – fretty rain and sunshine . We didn’t want to get a soaking so headed home. So today was only 13miles but at least it’s some riding .

I forgot to add this photo and WordPress won’t seem to let me insert it where I want to .


  1. I went for a VERY short ride, only around my local park a couple of circuits, only because I had left it late and it was going to soon get dark. I actually got the recumbent out and remembered what fun it was to ride. Now the tyres have air, it will be used if we get snow and ice, but must remember not to go downhill, and try to get between two bollards on a path! Could be disaster if I miss!

    You are doing very well with your rides. I have to catch up on mine. I also wonder if I could do the Cycletta ride on the recumbent?

    • Well we have snow today so I used my ski Amachine for half an hour thismorning . No going out on the bike today .
      I looked up the cycletta rides. Never heard of them before but I don’t think it would be my thing.
      Sustrans have the FestiVol in July and I and DS are considering going but DH isn’t about to pay that much money for a weekend camping. I did point out it includes all meals. However, I have this stupid problem with my throat and whenever I am near scented stuff I am unable to speak . That means being in crowds is a problem so I am havi g to think seriously about it. Are you intending to go?

  2. My Dad used to have that problem with his throat. I could never wear perfume when I visited them. I’m not sure about FestiVol as I don’t know what we are doing, think possibly it might be too close to our weekend away at Flookburgh. I also hope to fit in a trip to Berlin (hope). The other thing is where it is situated, not clear by the email, and how far from the station it is. I wouldn’t be wanting to camp with bike (folder) as (a) don’t have means of carrying stuff anyway and have NEVER in my life cycle camped, we always did B&B when I was a kid, it was quite cheap in those days.

  3. I think it’s about 9 or 10 miles from Newcastle . I just love cycle camping but when the weather was so beastly last year I was glad of B &B’s but they weren’t cheap. Any port ina storm though .
    I’ve just had word on a training course the following weekend for my work so I might have to give FestiVol a miss as I don’t want to be away too much. Have you hot snow ? We have and it’s very cold

  4. Only a skittering of snow but it’s been promised for tomorrow and for the next few days. I’ve been on my recumbent again, cycling through icy. Was nice not to worry about slipping and falling off.Do take care if you go out on bad roads. We would never have worried about that years ago, but then we bounced, didn’t we?

    • DH has asked me not to cycle until things improve. We’ve got the ski machine and a trampette out so we are exercising each morning
      I’ve also started to use the slimming world eating plan except tonight I’ve been to an evening at church and the refreshments were just too nice. However, I did only have soup or fruit the rest of the day.
      There’s been only a sprinkling of snow today but its very cold and so very icy. Hope you keep safe

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