Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 25, 2013

A bike walk

Sorry on photo today but we have been out in this freezing weather. Here in the UK we don’t have snow too often so when we do lots of things stop.
Today, DH asked if I fancied cycling to the supermarket as we only needed a few things. The main roads are clear but the cycle tracks are full of rutted frozen slush which is not fun to cycle on.
We thought we would try the river path but that was a no go. We headed back a different way which has cycle tracks alongside the road. Where the gritters have been is clear as the salt must be also thrown up onto the tracks . Roadside barriers and wide verges don’t allow the salt to reach tracks which are not so open. Consequently , we walked those stretches but completed 7 miles with cold noses


  1. this is amazing. i adore it.

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