Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 19, 2023

A day of sunshine

Thursday was a horrible wet day. We did plan on a ride but cancelled it due to rain and wind but used the time to visit a friend who is very unwell. She is also living with cancer and had Covid a few weeks ago and isn’t recovering too well. It was lovely to see her but we did have the Tern folders in the back of the car.

Friday was a complete contrast – warm and dry with blue skies. We set out early , togged up for the cold but within and hour we were stripping off.

In the first couple of miles I had some problem with my Tern Vektron e-bike. I kept getting an error message and the assistance would cut out. When we couldn’t work it out , we phoned DS1 who is our go to for anything electrical.

He told me to check the sensor. Duh! Where’s that? With his guidance , we located it on the wheel and sure enough it had turned around. Possibly from being in the back of the car, folded up.

So once we got sorted, down by the river we headed up through Stockton and eventually got through the road works near the A19 roundabout. There are still months ahead until it’s finished and so far I don’t understand where NCN14 will be directed. Then we carried on the usual way through to Darlington and along to Eppleby. I wanted to see the daffodils.


Unfortunately, we are a week or two early for the show. It is glorious when they all bloom together.

There are some just starting but many to come fully.

Plenty to come

There was a tub with miniature daffodowndillies as my great grandfather used to call them

I have to be honest and say I was very tired after only 25 miles but soldiered on as we road home through Piercebridge with its Roman remains and back past Ulnaby and through Cockerton to Darlington.

We stopped in Sadberge to finish off the scones bought in Eppleby.

Saturday waS really wet again so no cycling for me but I was tired.

54 miles for the week so YTD 498 miles.


  1. It has not been a good month for cycling at all. My e-bike had problems after being out in the wet a couple of times.

    • Hope it wasn’t the rain causing motor problems.

      • I left a little cover on the controller open by accident and that may have caused the problem.

      • It’s done so easily- ours don’t open at all

      • This was a USB port.

      • Never even looked for one on the Tern- I know there’s one on the Koga

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