Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 12, 2023

Crocus out- snows about

This is what a friend said to me and she’s correct. Many times at this time of year, especially when Easter is early, we have camped in snow. No camping or even cycling this week due to snow and ice. Twenty years ago , even ten years ago I wouldn’t have bothered and would still have cycled but now I am a bit more wary.

Last Sunday, just after I had posted my blog , we got a phone call from a friend who had fallen at home and couldn’t move. She needed urgent help ( her husband has dementia) and when we got there it was obvious to me , she had a hip fracture. She isn’t much older than me so care is needed.

Anyway I haven’t been idle in my spare time.

Hand knitted Cardigan

I am pleased to say this was knitted from a Norwegian language pattern. I have been learning that language for a year now and doing reasonably well , at least in reading and writing. How well I will actually speak it remains to be seen.

Not having enough Norwegian buttons that I bought when last there in 2019, I resorted to using them interspersed with plain black.

Mixed buttons

I have also made my bag for the front of my Tern Vektron and I love this waterproof fabric.

Home made waterproof bag

So hopefully , the weather will pick up very soon and I will be back off cycling and my friend will be home from hospital

Miles this week 0 – YTD 444 miles


  1. You are right to be cautious about cycling in snow and ice in my view.

    • Hoping it might get better but it’s not looking good in the forecast

      • Very gloomy still.

  2. The bag fabric is lovely.

    • Yes I thought so too and couldn’t resist buying it

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