Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 8, 2021

Cloudy Skies

Its been a funny old week weatherwise and not always has the Met Office forecast been accurate but not bad either. The early part of the week I was working so it was early morning rides for me. Those small mileages do add up though and keeps me fit as well.

The weather for Thursday didn’t look too bad and no rain was forecast until late afternoon. So on Wednesday night I messages Rosie of Cozy Coffee to check they would be open and the answer was yes. Anticipation of lovely cake got us out early on the road to be there for opening time as rain would arrive there earlier.

So at 10.02 am we were there and thought it unusual that she wasn’t open. There was another lady in a car also waiting so we sat down. I decided to move my phone out of the sun as it overheats easily and saw I had a message. Rosie couldn’t open because of covid isolation.

Her son had been on holiday with friends in Norfolk and unfortunately, one of them went home and didn’t feel well so took a test. Devastation it was positive! So son isolated in his room for 3 days and took negative tests. All seemed well until Wednesday evening when he started to feel unwell. Test again and he has Covid so they all have to self-isolate for the next 10 days or so.

It is very worrying as Rosie donated her kidney to her husband and so they are more vulnerable than most.

So we rode down into Darlington where I picked up some fabric- yes I am a fabricaholic – and then we rode along towards the A66 and turned off towards Stapelton and then over to Croft. I told DH we would call at the Mustard Seed in Neasham and we sat out doors with a lovely tuna Baguette each and it was lovely and warm. However, by the time we had finished the cloud had rolled in and it felt quite cool. Looking at the sky we decided to put on our rain jackets and I am glad we did. When we got nearer home, it started to rain but we were OK.

Friday was a shortish river ride but going across town first.

look at the flowers
wild flowers
more wild flowers

We have noticed that there are areas across the NE of England where wild flower seeds have been scattered in open grass areas and on verges and central reservations. It makes such a difference to pollinating insects which are so badly needed in these days. In addition , it brightens up what would otherwise be quite drab.

Saturday was also meant to be rainy and I suggested just another short 20 mile ride. So i got up late at 8am and we had a lazy breakfast. Then I had a message from one of our quilting group that the quilt she had been instrumental in getting her village to make was being displayed. That gave me other ideas.

We set off to Great Ayton to have a Suggitt’s ice cream and then as we needed to use up more time then rode to Easby and along through Gt Broughton to Faceby. We had another stop here as there has been a new cyclist’s dining room installed aka bus shelter.

modern looking bus shelter

So from here it was uphill to Hutton Rudby but we got there too early. I suggested riding down to Crathorne and then we took a road that took us near to Picton before turning off to East Cowton and across the bridge back to Hutton. Itw as still a little early but the village hall was open so I went in to see the quilt. All of it was made without any of the contributors getting together in the second lockdown so it was paper being posted about the village. Some squares were knitted , others embroidered and other patchwork. It must have been difficult to put together but its great to see it.

Hutton Rudby lockdown quilt
iloved the bicycle one
if we had a caravan towed by bicycle

it was so lovely to see how well this has happened and been pulled together.

Just as we were leaving , the heavens opened and we were able to get our rain gear on. It did stop before we got home but then on arriving home the thunder started too.

So this week I have cycled 147 miles and YTD 3588 miles


  1. Hi, my husband and I have recently become ebike owners and have done several day trips but are wanting to venture further and do some camping trips like your fabulous trips . Can I ask how you charge your bike when camping?

    • Hi Marion, on a long trip we carry an electric hook up rather like for a caravan. While its heavy, its a necessity. This past week, that I am just writing about, we didnt bother as we knew that we could use the power sockets in a shed with our usual chargers. We have charged them in cafes and pubs too. We carry a spare battery so we can get the range we do in. I hope this helps. If i can help again pleased dont hesitate to ask.

      • Thanks. We are planning on cycling the Hebridean way next spring and plan on camping. We are looking at getting a 5m wire that hooks up to an electric hook point at camp site and has a series of 4 sockets to plug battery chargers into. Hoping that 5 m is long enough, trying to keep the weight down.

      • ours is 15 metres and sometimes that is too short. I would get a 15 mt minimum. the only problem it adds more weight.

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