Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 1, 2021

Back to usual British weather

It has been a week of typical on off rain and sunshine that is so common in our part of the world. Still , it didn’t completely put me off cycling this week.

It was the usual early morning few miles until Thursday. The forecast was for some rain later in the day, so it was an early start and we headed across to Northallerton by our usual route through Yarm, Appleton Wiske, Deighton and Brompton. We had a bit of a mission to see a friend who has moved there from Barnsley. We had a short outdoor visit and then decided to head home a different way.

DH is much more confident on fairly busy roads than I am but we headed back through Northallerton and past the out of town shopping centre on the main road. It was much less busy after this so I was much more comfortable with the traffic.

Once we got to Great Smeaton, we stopped to have second breakfast. As we were sitting near the church, I noticed the horse chestnut trees. The conkers are coming on well and will provide hours of fun for schoolchildren, if the powers that be allow it.

As we sat, we decided to head up to Hornby. We were still unsure which way to go but decided to go down to Appleton Wiske again but then turned off to Picton. We kept a weather eye open and could see lost of clouds building. So once through Crathorne. we headed off to Hutton Rudby and then down towards Hilton on NCN165. We turned off on Roger lane and got some scones at the little farm that has an honesty box to put the money in. Its good to see that some people have trust still.

By now we were feeling the odd drop of rain so decided to go to Hemlington lake but take the shorted route through Acklam. It was here that there was a short but sharp shower. We managed to get on our jackets but my legs got wet . However, by the time we got home my legs were dry.

Friday had heavy rain so we didn’t cycle at all but that did give me some sewing time which I did enjoy.

Saturday was still a bit iffy so we decided on a short ride. So it was off along the river to Stockton where we crossed the market place and then followed out usual route NCN 14 for a short distance before heading over the six fields nature reserve and then through Preston Park.

Our friend Jill, and inspirational woman living with cancer , was at the craft fair in Ingleby Barwick. She runs a little business making and selling pottery items. Fortunately, she was in a marquee as just as we arrived the heavens opened. Sheltering under a tree, DH looked after the bikes while I went and bought some goodies.

Absolutely Potty

Then it was a ride home but the rain eased off a bit . Afternoon was again spent stitching. I don’t have anything to show yet through,

So mileage for this week was 88 and YTD is 3441 miles.


  1. We seem to have had better weather than you for once.

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