Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 4, 2019

Another busy week

I was hoping to get more than 70 miles ridden this week but it didn’t happen. Partly this was due to continuing to work a lot more than usual to make up for the time away but also partly due to the continuing knee problem.

We did get out a couple of times for short rides early in the morning and I managed to get this photo of the Infinity bridge and a rainbow.P1030221

On Friday,  it was showery in the morning and I was trying to get a block done for a quilt I am making. The pattern is released on the 1st of the month so as I already had to catch up, I didn’t want to get behind with this one. I had really struggled with this one and in fact had to remake it.


This was the one for month 8


The sun came out in the afternoon and we decided to ride across to a local DIY store. With all the heavy rain that has been around, we have got a small roof leak and DH is fixing it. However, we only got to near Newport Bridge when we met a chap on another e-bike and he is attempting to ride around the coast. He was fed up with the route as he has been over some nasty paths and asked the best way to get to Marske. Well , we couldn’t let him try to find the way and so offered to ride with him. We have been the recipients of such kindness, so its good to pay it forward. He was possibly older than us and his wife thinks he is mad. Well, we know that one

He was riding a Halfords e-bike with a rear wheel drive and had a much smaller battery and couldn’t go as fast as us. Nevertheless , we stayed with him and took him through the urban conglomeration that is Teesside and took him up to Kirkleatham  on the outskirts of Redcar. After that, it is a straight ride along to Markse and we knew exactly the road he was aiming for. He had been hoping to ride to Staithes but we knew , it was too much of a stretch as when we left him , it was after 4.00pm.  The road to Staithes in quite a hilly road especially with a load of camping gear that he carried. Jim , I hope you make it .

Saturday , saw me in the sewing room and alternately applying ice packs to my swollen knee. It is much reduced today.

So I made a fabric carrier to store some more fabric. I enjoyed the time  free machine quilting and them making up the carrier . I am pleased to say this used up some inherited scraps of fabric.

So this weeks distance was 43 miles so still short of my goal. So  YTD 2980miles



  1. The patches are delightful and well worth missing a few miles of cycling for. The rainbow picture was very well spotted.

    • thanks TP. the rainbow was the right place at the right time

  2. It’s lovely that you helped out that cyclist. I can just imagine his wife thinking he’s mad, whether in a jokey way or serious; sometimes that sort of thing can really put you off trying something and it takes guts to go ahead and do it. I know a woman who did Lejog at 69 but her children were not at all keen for her to do it.

    • we love to help others out as we have been the recipients of such kindness ourselves. I will be 69 at the end of this year eeek

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