Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 11, 2019

Three thousand miles and counting

Well I have made my interim goal of 3000 miles this week, despite still having a knee problem. Slow and steady is the way  – short rides all add up.

One of the very interesting things this week , was an early morning visit to see the Knife Angel in our town centre. We might not have gun problems as in the US, but there is a growing problem with knife crime here in the UK.  Middlesbrough is the most northerly place it is on display  to help educate youth about knife crime and one of the agreements for getting it, was that there must be 28 days of education for young people.

I was there just after dawn.



The anguish of those who have lost loved ones to knife crime is so evident in the face


There are so many different knives and cleavers  in this art work , all handed in in a knife amnesty by 43 police forces.

If you want to read more you can do so here.


The weather this week has been very unpredictable so I was fortunate to get these photos.    I was hoping to meet up and cycle with Andrew Sykes author of the books he wrote about cycling in Europe with his bike called Reggie. Unfortunately, the weather put paid to that. Here in the NE of England we have had really wet weather with strong winds and Andrew was riding up the Yorkshire coast from the Humber to the Tees but he decided to get the train from Whitby. Next time Andrew. You can read and listen to him here on WordPress but I cannot get the link to share. Look up Cycling in Europe

The Cycling Europe Podcast: EuroVelo 12 In Yorkshire

So folks that’s about all today. Miles this week 45 miles and YTD 3025 miles.


  1. An admirable total. Well done.

  2. I am in awe of your cycling miles!

  3. I missed the angel in Hull, should have made an effort.

  4. That knife angel is amazing – thank you for posting the pics of it. I’ve read one of Andrew Sykes books – bet you were gutted not to see him.

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