Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 28, 2017

A nice Autumn week

20171023_061029240_iOSWe got a good start to the week , with a couple of early morning rides. It is very dark at 6.00am but after the last Sunday in October, the clocks go back , so we will get a bit more morning light for a few weeks. We have had a very mild October but it has been windy a lot of the time. The forecasters are saying that the cold weather will begin next week. I hope they are wrong as I don’t like cycling on frosty paths.

We had a lovely day yesterday when the weather was beautiful. I was surprised when DH suggested loading the folders into the car and going somewhere different. I suggested leaving the car outside one of my brother’s homes and then following NCN14, the Keelman way downriver and into South Shields. We used tracks we haven’t been along before and did so enjoy seeing how much they have improved the sea front.

In my teenage years, I spent lots of hours as a volunteer lifeguard patrolling the beaches, which have all been renamed. They have also made an installation of what are locally called weebles after the toys of the 1970’s.


I have also been learning to use the various functions on my camera and got this photo of the Groyne with Tynemouth Priory across the Tyne. P1010125 (2)


We rode along the seafront until we reached the pier. The surface  has deteriorated in places and there is still a restriction on cycling along the pier so we continued along passed Marsden and Souter lighthouse and on to Seaburn. We sat and toasted our sandwiches here and enjoyed sitting in the sunshine that was warm out of the wind and shade.P1010130 (2)


We had thought about riding through Cleadon village but that would have been a much shorter ride so  we returned along to Souter by a coastal path for a fair bit of the way.


Once back into South Shields, I was in a bit of a reminiscing mood and we stopped near the Tyne lifeboat and the Memorial to William Wouldhave  who was one of the first inventors of the lifeboat. I do remember my great Grandfather taking me for long walks, well 4 miles is a long way for 4 year old legs. We would walk through the parks and past the monument on many occasions and walk along the cliff paths to Souter lighthouse.

From there we rode up through the North Marine Park to the Beacon and then along to Greens Place. I was surprised to find new housing here . We lived in a little 2 room plus scullery, flat with my great granda until I was about 3 years old. After that my parents were able to buy a small house, with a mortgage that cost £1 19s a month!!! Its laughable now but as a  6 year old I was sent off to Vasey and Reeds to pay the repayments.


After that we had a little look around the market place but it was now 2.30pm and so we headed back off to my brother’s house as we needed to be home for 5.00pm.

Saturday wasn’t as sunny a day but we still went out by about 8.00am and headed along the river through Stockton and along more of NCN route 14 towards Darlington. As we rode along the river , a seal popped up and I was able to get a photo. He was close enough to hear him snorting.


When we got to the Whinneys  nature reserve , we decided not to go that way because of the rain. Did I mention that it had started with gentle rain, but by stopping to don raingear, we got the rain to cease.

We turned right and rode on a path alongside the A 167 and then went up to Sadberge and then down the bank towards Norton. Now we had the wind from behind and the going was good. I was delighted to be riding uphill in higher gears than usual.

Back down in Stockton, with the sun out, we stopped and had an early lunch on a picnic bench. I got a photo of a young gull.


I  noticed this tree. It looked like a chestnut tree but the seeds looked different to the usual conkers.


Further along the river I got this photo of another seabird. I never know if these are cormorants or not but I love how they dry their wings.


The autumn colours are really lovely now.

Mileage this week 85 miles  YTD 2820.6 miles.




  1. Glad you seem to be getting back to your usual cycling self. Imagine sending your child off these days with the mortgage payment!

    I think that tree is a sweet chestnut.

    • I am lizzie – the fatigue has gone but the bladder problem is still there to some extent. I have a hospital appointment scheduled for 2 weeks time.

    • will have to see if they come off and inspect them. most of them seem to conker trees no good for eating. Then again I am not a country girl . I can gut and skin fish though heehee

  2. That looks like a cormorant to me.

    • thanks TP. I thought you might know

      • Don’t blame me if it turns out to be shag and not a cormorant.

      • well I cant tell the difference anyway.

  3. Gosh Brenda, what a picturesque route you took. I loved the weebles. Sounds as though you’re back into riding again. Glad you’ve recovered

    • I have had a lovely couple of days . I still have some bladder problems but not as bad. I see a hospital consultant in a couple of weeks. I don’t feel tired all the time now though

      • Good luck.

  4. An eventful ride Brenda! Nice to see the folders out and about. Your photo of the Groyne is interesting – colours and the different buildings. Our days are getting longer now – first light at 4.30am.

    • while our days are rapidly shortening. I dislike these dark days before Christmas and it ahs been gloomy all day today.

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