Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 5, 2017

Mild Autumn Continues

We have managed to get in more riding this week, on most days even though we didn’t go out when it was raining. Mostly it was early mornings with a longer ride on Saturday.

I love the colours of the lights reflecting in the river from the many bridges that span the Tees.


Overnight, there was heavy rain which influenced our decisions on where to ride. We avoided muddy tracks , so it was mostly road riding.  It wasn’t until 9.00am that I filled the flask and got a bit of food together to set off. We rode across through Yarm by this time it was getting busy with motor vehicles. Yarm is a bit of a bottleneck because of the narrow High Street and traffic lights but we managed to get through and away up to Kirkleatham where we turned onto quieter roads. We still weren’t too sure where we we going but once through Appleton Wiske decided that we would climb up to Deighton and then take a road there we have not ridden before.

This was a well surfaced road in contrast to some of the awful states that the back roads have become so we quite enjoyed it. We then came to the B1     which leads along through Great Smeaton and we hit a traffic hold up here. There are roadworks with traffic controls and it was a fairly long stretch of a couple of hundred yards coned off. Fortunately, when we got to the lights , they stopped so that we were then at the head of the queue. Cars were very good and not one tried to overtake in the narrow lane . We waved thanks for the patience as they safely overtook , once through.


By now it was noon and time for a stop , so once in Hornby we went to a picnic bench and ate.  It was necessary to put on a warm jacket as we sat and I tried, not too successfully, to take a selfie.


The days are becoming much shorter now and we didn’t want to be back home too late so chose to ride down the road towards Girsby but then back along to Yarm. This small market town is really having a lot of new housing being built, extending it. The new housing has cycle paths but they unfortunately don’t link up with anything.

We cycled home through Yarm and then through Stockton and rewarded ourselves with a stop to buy ice cream and a dessert for out evening meal  – in these parts called tea. We however, do not drink the usual English black tea.

Something else that happened this week was that a photo was posted on Facebook that has led to me being reconnected with an old friend that I lost touch with. We were members of the same Lifesaving team back in the 1960’s and went on to win the national championships a number of times. I dug out some old photos and my son has made them suitable to put on here.

I am the girl at the back holding the legs of the casualty.


In this one I am on the far right kneeling on the ground.


I have always been blessed/cursed with thick strong  legs  but they stand me in good stead now.

This weeks mileage 77.6 miles  – YTD 2898.2 miles





  1. Loved the old photos Brenda. I remember making fun of my parents hairstyles, clothes etc in their old photos. Now my grandies are doing the same to mine.
    The way you cycle no matter what the conditions is amazing

  2. Great photos Brenda. I remember you writing on my blog about being involved in the Royal Lifesaving Association so I’m guessing these are photos from those days. Wonderful memories to have and share.

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