Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 29, 2015

A sunny day – woohoo

After all the rain between Christmas and now, the sun came out so having some time I decided to have a ride and see how much water was still about.  York, about 50 miles south of us , has been very badly flooded and I saw on the news that in Tadcaster the ancient bridge has collapsed. Tadcaster is the home of my favourite cycle shop, Cyclesense , so I expect they will have some flood damage to clear up.  Hoping its not too bad for them.

Anyway, I cycled across to Thornaby and down to the river.

photo 1

Most of the trees are bare of leaves now after all the gales.

photo 1 - Copy photo 2 - Copy

If you look closely  you can see it was 11.6C , very warm for the time of the year and there is lots of standing water at the side of the track. I was talking to some dog walkers who said that it was impossible to get through two days ago as the stream was thundering through over the top of the footbridge.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the stretch of cycle track near Bowsfield Road has been replaced very recently and is nice and smooth.  This is part of the track we cleared in the Autumn.

photo 1 - Copy (2)

On the road into Stockton, there was a lot of standing water on the road so I kept up on the pavement.

photo 2 - Copy (2)

It was deep and its a bit tricky to keep out of it. I cycled back along the river and home. Only 15 miles but I can tell I haven’t been out much lately. Still I did turn 65 last week so I am not complaining.


  1. Hi,Brenda.Happy new year to you and Joe.
    I like your state of the art cycle computer,it looks very professional.
    Hope the new year brings good luck to all of us.Happy cycling!

    • Hope you can get out cycling too even in the current bad spell

  2. Hi Tina that is actually a fancy clock/weather station I bought from Li@l about 5 years ago. it is still going strong after 2 battery changes. I use it to tell the time and keep a check on the temperature.
    I hope you are doing well and wish you a very prosperous new year

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