Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 22, 2014

Bike and an unexpected hike

Last night, DH asked if I had checked the forecast for today. I had and knew there was to me 16-20 mph SW wind but that it would be dry. He suggested heading west into the wind so that we had the hardest bit early in the day.
So just before 9.00am we hit the road across to Thornaby, through Preston Park and on into Yarm. Usually, we would have turned off for Worsall but we decided to keep on up to the village of  Kirklevington before heading across to Worsall toll bar. We wanted to check out this road, to see if they surface is better than Worsall bank. It is in better condition , so we may use this way at Easter. At the corner, we turned left and rode down into Appleton Wiske. I had been told that there is a bus stop in the village as they have one bus on a Wednesday. Bingo, there it is opposite the only shop. However, its not equipped with seats so if we want to use it, we will either have to sit on the ground or bring our own seats.
At the end of the village, where we would usually turn right to go to Northallerton, we turned left and rode along to Welbury. It was the first time, we had a tail wind and our speed doubled!! From Welbury we turned left and then right to East Rounton,across the bridge over the A19 and on to Hutton Rudby.
Unfortunately, there is a 17% hill with a bad surface so I hopped off and walked up it as there was a headwind again. There’s no shame in walking , especially at my age!  The second part of the bank was rideable  and as it turned again, the wind was behind and the descent through Skutterskelfe and Tame Bridge was brilliant riding in my highest gear. By now, it was !lunchtime with 27 miles completed so we stopped and picnicked near the little ford . Here is DH dressed for the wind and sitting  on a metal bench.



You can see the ford in this one. There was a little girl and her father playing in the stream. DH suggested we did a bit longer ride, going along through Kikdale and up to Gibdale.  I knew there would be a bit of a climb but was agreeable so off we set again along the minor road to Easby and then on to Kildale. DH thought the turning was a bit past the village near a row of cottages. That was when the adventure began. We didn’t have a map , so I wasn’t sure but off we went, turning left up to New Row.  Let me tell you, DH was wrong but undeterred we pressed  after talking to 4 ladies out walking. I don’t really think they knew the area too well, as they thought we could get to Gribdale. Here is DH pushing on up a very poor surface that just got worse.


The upshot was that we got to a metalled road, turned left thinking we were going in the right direction. It was only when we got to the end of the road , we recognised where we were. Percy Cross Rigg on the NCN168. If we continued on , we would have had to cross the moor on a poor surface, through Guisbrough woods and this was not what we wanted. The wind was really gusting up there and a couple of times I was blown across the road. Scarry.
So we turned back, riding down into Kildale  and back to Great Ayton. Good job its predominantly downhill as we were straight into a strengthening head wind. So we decided to take the shortest way home down through Nunthorpe village, on the cycle track alongside Dixon’s bank and so home to Linthorpe. We completed 52 miles being out for 6.5 hours. A great day out.


  1. The route from Kildale to Gribdale gate starts in Kildale by following the signs to the station. At Glebe Cottage café turn right downhill and follow the road up through the farm. It becomes quite steep and very rough but if you don’t take any of the side roads you will continue straight on to a tarmac track which will ultimately lead you to Gribdale gate and the brilliant downhill to Great Ayton.

    Glad you enjoyed today’s ride. I led a group of 13 around the Spokes ‘Greens and Parks’ ride which was only 18 miles. We thoroughly enjoyed the ride even though we didn’t have a café stop.

    • Hi Jim, we looked it up on the map and saw the route is in Kilkdale. Thank you for telling me though. We have driven over there but its/a lot of years back. Sorry to have missed your Spokes ride but we wanted to increase our mileage today.

      • No problem Brenda. We have another Spokes ride on 29th March which will start at Yarm Town Hall starting at 10:00. It is a 24 mile circular with 720 feet of ascent. If you take into account the travel to and from the ride you surely must be getting up to near 50 miles

  2. Hiya,Brenda and Joe. Hope you’re both doing well and enjoying your bike rides. Your blog is great.I always like to read where you’ve been and am amazed at the amount of miles that you both cover. Would you mind me asking where you get your bright yellow hi vis jackets from,as they really stand out and help to keep you safe. We’ve been so lucky,weatherwise,compared to those who have been flooded out further south. My mobile phone number is 07760716832. Happy cycling,both of you. best wishes,Tina.X

  3. We will see how it goes Jim. Jozef is getting in the miles he has/a/plan for his birthday ride but I won’t say too much but its a long ‘in. I will not be doing it.
    Jozef will ride to church and back tomorrow but I won’t so that’s my mileage for the week. His is already about 20 or so miles more than mine.

  4. Don’t know why it took me sop long to read this one… It sounds like you had a good ride despite the odd detour and bit of ‘rough stuff’! I like to follow the description on a map where possible – so it’s nice to see all the place names.

    • Great. I tried to add view ranger track but couldn’t. Are you on Facebook Codmental? I can add it to there

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