Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 22, 2020

#Give Thanks

Well on Friday, Russell M Nelson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints challenged us to fill social media with gratitude for the blessings we enjoy despite the current difficulties. I am trying to follow his counsel. While I primarily write this blog for myself, I am thankful for those who makes comments and give me encouragement.

So , despite the sometimes inclement weather, I have been cycling most days during the past week. I am so grateful for my e-bike because without it , I would not be able to manage in some of the high winds , we have experienced this week.

Last week, as we were passing a bus stop , we saw a book stall set up and I wanted to donate a few books. We thought it was in Elton but when we arrived there , it was gone. Now maybe we had it wrong but it gave us a reason and we did come back through Yarm.

Tuesday was just a little local ride in the late afternoon and then on Wednesday we rode across to Cowpen Bewley and came back via Billingham and the river Tees. We are blessed with some pretty good tarmac paths for a lot of the way.

On Thursday, we went for what I call a bimble. We had no idea where we were going apart from buying a calendar, and we had seen an NCN1 sign down a track we haven’t been on . Lets explore!

notice the cogs and chain links

This is the entrance that we found down an alleyway and the sign said Great North Park. I looked it up and this is several green spaces across Stockton on Tees and there are some nice surfaced paths but some of the barriers are a bit difficult to negotiate. NCN1 runs across to eventually the Thorpe Thewles walkway that we use to cycle up to Sunderland when travelling north.

As we came back across Stockton Market place it was 1pm. Now I have never seen this before but knew about it. We heard a whistle and then this magnificent beast arose from its slumber.

arising from its slumber

There are bells and whistles and hoots to remind us that the first railway in the world ran from Stockton to Darlington and it moves as well. It was a joy to see.

On Friday, I took my Dahon out and we did a bit of shopping but still cycled almost 11 miles. This took us through Albert Park where I saw this bird. I know its a sea bird but not sure if its a shag or not. I am sure someone more knowledgeable than me can help.

The forecast for Saturday, was for one period of rain. We set off in the dry but a very dull and overcast sky. Heading up to Great Ayton , we were into a headwind but when we turned for Guisborough, we had it on our backs for a bit. At Newton Under Roseberry, there were again full carparks and cars parked along the road. This wasn’t so, pre-Covid, so it must be an indication of people getting out more. DH remarked that he wondered how far people had travelled to get there.

In Guisborough, we turned onto Wilton Lane. Its a while since we have ridden this way. Its a very steep decent on the north side but it was an enjoyable ride up and down with very little traffic.

Then we picked up the cycle path past Kirkleatham Hall. There are also some alms houses that I stopped to photograph.

Sir William Turner Alms Houses.

I was so pleased I had stopped , as I turned I was surprised to see these birds.

a turkey and some guinea fowl

Just as I set off three pea hens shot out in front of us from the hedge. We carried on along towards Marske but then the heavens opened and so we were able to turn down a short off road path that our friend Pip showed us some years ago. This took us onto the coast road path and into Redcar.

We finally found an empty shelter and were able to get in to put on our over trousers and have a warm drink and a bit to eat as it was now past noon. DH had brought a cloth to wipe down any benches but I used it to wipe down my wet leggings. Then I out on my over trousers and I could feel the moisture wicking through drying and warming me.

As we departed , the sun finally peeked out and we rode home along the Trunk road path. DH felt chilly but warmed up and suggested extending the ride part way along the river which we did.

So this week I have ridden 141 miles making YTD5941 miles.


  1. That is a wonderful amount of miles for a pretty bad weather week, I have been put in difficulty by the barriers on bike paths when trying to get through on a bike with panniers. There seems to be no easy solution to this apart from people behaving sensibly and not taking motorbikes onto bike paths.

    • yes and it stops people in wheelchairs too.

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