Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 16, 2020

Good Weather Envy

I have seen all sorts of media and blogs saying how good the weather is. Well , it hasn’t been here in the NE. There seems to have been a constant NE wind blowing which has brought mist, fret and rain . The leaves have started to fall off some trees and the horse chestnut trees are showing rusting leaves. Ooooh! how I wish the year wasn’t flying past.

So I don’t really have much to chat about. Its mostly been short rides before work and on Thursday I spent some time sewing as the rain came down.

On Friday, I was determined to get out so I donned my waterproofs and decided to go to Panico’s fabric shop in Stockton. DH told me he thought I was bonkers. Still I enjoyed the ride along the river.

Saturday dawned with not much hope of seeing the sun but it wasn’t exactly raining. There was that very fine fretty stuff that you can feel but it was warmish. The Irish would call it a soft day.

We made out way up to Great Ayton and then along to Stokesley where I took these photos.

The old packhorse bridge

Looking the other way.

keeping the bikes safe

Where we stopped for me to take the photos , is a cobbled area and you can see where there is a ford across the Leven

Old ford

As you can see , this has now been fenced off so people cannot use it to cross to the other side and have to use one of the bridges.

From here we rode along to Hutton Rudby and then turned for Crathorne. Here , we crossed over the A19 and rode into Picton. All the while , there was moisture in the air. Enough to show on spectacles but not to soak you through.

So we decided to head along to Kirklevington where we stopped in the disused bus stop. We had taken our Helinox chairs so had somewhere to sit. Hot oxo was very welcome but it doesn’t exactly go with chocolate biscuits. Then it was down through Yarm which for once didn’t have traffic backed up for miles. We still used the hilly back road to keep off the High Street and rode home through Preston Park. 37 miles. DH is finding his ankle is improving but he now has a bruised hip too.

So this week I completed 91 miles YTD 4156miles


  1. Hot Oxo and chocolate biscuits sounds like a match made in hell. I am surprised that you survived to get home.

  2. I hate riding in rain, or with damp ground. I worry about slipping.

    • Peggy here in England , if I didnt ride in the rain, I might never get out. Its high winds I am not keen on

      • I am in Yorkshire…so rarely get out 🙂 hence my expanding waist.

      • Peggy I am going to cycle the Yorkshire Wolds way starting tomorrow. Are you anywhere on the route in East Yorkshire? Have 2 campsites booked and so looking forward to it

      • That sounds great, I didn’t know about that route. I am in West Yorkshire just off cycle route 67.

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