Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 11, 2012

Breakfast at the beach

Yesterday wasn’t as sunny as predicted and so we decided to use the day for other than riding. We went off to Durham to buy some basic foodstuff from a wholesaler for ourselves and a friend. While up there we called to see my brother and SIL. Ann has been on a TV programme called the Hairy Dieters and has now lost nearly 5 stones. Isn’t that fantastic . She was the heaviest one on the programme.
When we returned home another friend was phoning for help as she had water coming through the ceiling. We went round and my DH helped to get it sorted so we didn’t have too much of the afternoon left. It didn’t matter though as we believe in service to others.
So this morning we left home very early and rode along to the Breakwaters at Redcar. We had a chat with an amateur photographer, Steve Crown, and he has some lovely photos on Facebook. A little later, we met another chap who has a 24″ wheel Dahon folding bike. He was kind enough to let me have a go as I thinking of getting something similar for my domicilary visits for work. We’ll see how it goes.
While down there , we saw a ship being brought into the Tees with a couple of tug boats.

There is also a little harbour called Paddy’s hole. It used to be full of little fishing boats but it’s seen better days, but it is still picturesque .

We then rode back along the road and passed the chap on the Dahon. Reaching the promenade, we found a seat nearly opposite the Lifeboat Museum. I boiled a kettle for a herbal tea and we sat in the sunshine enjoying breakfast.

We were just leaving for Saltburn when one of our sons rang on the mobile so we had a change of plan and returned back along the road . Our son met us and we went down to the river and did some more secret snipping. Beneath the trees, on the original track, the humus had built up to about 4 cms thick and grass and weeds were growing in it. It looks a lot better. The afternoon was devoted to helping another couple of friends.


  1. Sounds a lovely weekend. I’d have been interested in giving the Dahon a go. A friend has a Brompton which has smaller wheels than the 20″ wheels on my Dahon and I was surprised how little difference it made. But, 24″ sounds like it would ride close to a regular bike (I’m used to the Surly’s 26″).

    Congratulations to your SIL. What a fantastic effort!

  2. Yes I’m used to 700x35C wheels and it felt twitchy at first but I soon got used to it. I’ve been looking on the net stores and see there are 26″ wheeled folding bikes but they seem a lot heavier. Still don’t know if I’ll take the plunge though.

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