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Busy Week

Well. I have had a busy week and combined with Storm Doris, there hasn’t been the time for as much cycling as last week. Still, I achieved 58 miles so not bad.

Here are a couple of photos of things that we saw, snowdrops and sheep that will be lambing in early April at Saltholme bird reserve. I was so pleased to see a flock, as most of the sheep were killed by uncontrolled dogs that got into the field a couple of years ago . There will be lambing live starting on the 8th April 2017 at the reserve.

I have continued to sock knit, this time for DS1  and decided to do a little 2 colour knitting on these ones.

I have also managed to finish this quilt which I will give as a gift to a friend who has just celebrated his 79th (I think) birthday. I was pleased to be able to get it done and quilted. It isnt perfect but he wont mind.

DS1 took me down to Harrogate on Friday to the Spring Quilt fair. This is the first time it has been held and it wasn’t as busy as I thought it might be. I know that some of the usual traders weren’t there because of a clash with a trade fair. I got some time for classes with Kate Andre who I enjoyed learning from in September.

I also talked with Andy and Jo from Crafty-UK who make all sorts of plastic rules and have started making rulers for free machine quilting. I got a lovely spiral and  a curve. Andy is also making me a 12″ long rule, straight on one side and curved on the other. It will be a couple of weeks before he can do it because he has another quilt show in Duxford next week.

I got a chance to have a little play and here is the result.

So my cycling mileage this week is 58.1 miles and my YTD is 186.9 miles. I hope the weather is better this week.




Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 19, 2017

An Amazing Week

Would you believe I have cycled 93.3 miles this week? well I have! Woohoodippidydoo!

Can you tell I feel GOOD!!

I started the week by cycling 3.2 miles on Monday. It was only in the local area and I used Speedy , my Dahon folder. Again, on Tuesday morning I was able to ride 7.7 miles . I chose to go and rearrange an appointment in person and used that as a reason to ride. Also , in the evening I rode to a local cycle action meeting. This is not the sort of lie down in the streets sort of thing but an effort to get the tracks in our area to be connected and have some sort of cohesive policy by the powers that be. That racked up another 0.8 miles.

Wednesday morning saw more good weather so we had a river ride. I had to be home by 10.30am but by the time we got back to the barrage I realised we would be pushing it for time and I was feeling a bit sore. So by the time we were home we had racked up another 12.1miles.

On Thursday, DH wasn’t able to accompany me so I just rode around the local park a few times. Its amazing how quickly you lap the dog walkers. So home with another 6.5 miles on the clock.

I wasn’t working on Friday and we had an idea to try for Cozy Coffee at Brafferton. My intention was to ride Speedy and then, if necessary I would fold her up and get the bus back to the Boro. However, just before we were to leave the phone rang. It was an elderly friend we help to look after as his son lives away. He was having problems with his water not draining away. I told DH to go and see to it as I knew he would just be worried all the time. Turns out it was his dish washer malfunctioning. DH got back at 11.30 am so I had packed a picnic and got the flask full of hot water.  He suggested riding my Koga Randonneur which I haven’t been on since the accident. It went fine and we seemed to have the wind on our backs as I was riding along the Trunk road to Redcar at 16mph. Yiphee! Riding NCN1 through South Bank we saw these pieces of public “art”.

It is just a shame people still dump rubbish near them.

The beach had a lot of people on it as it is half term and the weather was delightful – really spring like.  The water was very calm and we could see ships further out.

Part way along the Promenade we saw a small crowd, so me being the sort of inquisitive person I am stopped to ask, what they were looking at. Turns out there was a pair of snow buntings on one of the wooden groynes.

I very nice man lent me his binoculars to look. I couldn’t get a photo . We had a lovely chat and I exchanged telephone numbers with S his wife as they have an idea they would like to try cycling and touring. I will contact her but don’t want to appear too pushy.
We rode along to Marske but didn’t try for Saltburn – don’t push myself too hard. We stopped in the grounds of Kirkleatham Hall but the play area where we usually sit was very crowded. Around the front of the Hall, there were more seats and picnic benches , so that is where we sat and had our sandwich and hot chocolate.

Here are a coupe of photos.  This is DH saying he couldn’t see anything.

It shows that the hall was built in 1709 and is now used as a museum.

It was cold on the way home but went the longer way, along Ladgate lane, as I was feeling good. 28 miles

Then yesterday we did make Cozy Coffee. Rosie makes delicious cakes and her prices are very reasonable. We had lemon meringue cake and a piece of Rocky road and hot chocolate so it isnt just tea and coffee she sells.

Isnt it strange how memory plays tricks. I was thinking that the road down into Darlington is all down hill. It isnt but the general direction is downwards. I thought if I was too tired I would hop a Train as I rode the Koga but I didn’t need to. So we came back via Sadberg and Norton . We did stop and  picnic on Norton Green and I was surprised by the number of people who stopped to chat and ask where we were going. Only back home but we had ridden 30 miles. It got quite cold after that as the clouds blew in and the wind picked up  so we returned home over Newport bridge instead of riding along the river. Still a good 35 miles.

So in total for the week that is 93.3 miles.  It feels so good and I am now thinking about planning some cycle camping. At this time of year, as the days lengthen, I always feel the same. I seem to need to be out and camping.

YTD 128.8miles


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One Good Day

Last Monday was a glorious winter day, cold but sunny. As I had taken the day off work due to a hospital appointment, we headed off along the river. DH has renamed the path between Newport Bridge and the Transporter bridge,  ” Clavicle Way”.  heehee!


It was good to be out in the sunshine and no wind was I was able to capture the photo above. I love thst reflection and you can see why it is called the Infinity bridge.

At that I spotted some rowers.

So we rode along into Stockton before heading home.

Then it was time to go and see the consultant at the hospital. After and Xray (radiograph) it was back to the waiting room. How things have changed in 50 years.  Back then I was a student radiographer and I remarked to the student examining me, that it was nothing like back then. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the positioning. She asked me did it smell when radiographs were being wet developed? yes it did and for the first 3 months of training , we never saw the light of day being stuck in a dark room.

Well, after a short wait I saw the consultant. I remember when consultants all looked old. Well they don’t now, he was young but not at all stuffy. He showed me the comparison and I can see it is healing  but some of the bone ends are still very jagged. That explains why I still have some stinging occasionally.   He told me its OK to cycle but to be very careful as if I have another fall , I may crack it again. So I am being careful.

I have been out again but the weather has been awful with lots of rain and sleet. Still its better than snow. The winds have also been up so this week  I have only managed 14.5 miles. According to the weather forecast  for next week, there show be almost spring like weather so I hope to get more miles in.

I have had time to sew and knit but nothing  finished to show you yet.

Miles cycled YTD 35.5 miles



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Back on the Bike

Good news from my physio. She says she is discharging me. I told her I had cycled a mile last week and she gave me the go-ahead to do more, saying I would be up to 5 miles next week.

Well , I didn’t want to disappoint her so on Tuesday and Thursday I rode 2 miles each day and then on Friday I rode 3. The forecast for Saturday was good but we needed to go up to Gateshead for some shopping. We left early and got in and out with our required items in less than 1 hour and headed for home. We found that DS1 had waited for us and we all went off together.

We headed down to the river and along to Stockton. I bought eggs and then we parted company with DS1 who wanted to ride the longer way home. I didn’t want to push myself too hard so we returned back along the south side of the river and home via Teesside park.

So my total for the week is 17.5 miles. I know, nowhere near last years January total but I am so thankful to be almost pain free now and being able to ride. I hope to get back into my normal early morning riding especially as the days are lengthening. Forgot to mention. on the drive up to Gateshead , in the vicinity of Durham,  we saw out first spring lambs in a field just off the motorway. Spring is coming . Woohoo! soon ne checking our camping gear.

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Cycled 1 mile

Well hello friends, that is correct I have managed to cycle one mile solo.

I have been working hard doing my exercises and can now lift my arm above my head and get my hand up behind my back just below my shoulder blades. I am still not entirely pain free but making progress. On Tuesday, I persuaded DH to take me out on the tandem. I didn’t have to hold on tight, so we rode 5 miles in sunshine on one of our local routes. The only pain ensued if we went over potholes and I was thrilled to be out.

Yesterday, it was a dreary wet day but then about 2.00pm some weak sunshine unfolded as the clouds blew away. DH suggested a  very short solo ride , to try out how I would do. Well , I rode a mile without too much pain and had a good nights sleep. I think the physio will be very pleased when she sees me on Tuesday.

In the free time I have had, as well as a little bit of sewing, I have continued to knit socks. I was using up wool left over from the other socks I knitted earlier and with the addition of a ball of black yarn , I now have another 2 pairs and a teeny bit of wool left in case they need darning  before I wear them out.

The days are lengthening and signs of spring are coming. I love the lighter mornings we have so I hope that soon I will be out on my regular morning rides before work.

6 miles this week  yippee !




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A bit of sewing.

Sorry folks , still know cycling. I am recovering well and can move my arm up to shoulder height and with a bit of help can get it almost straight above my head. It still hurts a bit  but is much more manageable and I have been able to do some work for my professional life.

I have been working on a couple of pieces for a local ecology group to do with an orchard. These are only small manageable pieces but I am pleased how they have turned out. I still haven’t done any binding and rather have used a backing that is mostly machine sewn.


Magpie one has a background using Brusho paint/ink that I sprayed onto damp fabric. This fabric was previously a piece of scrap fabric that I had used to take a second monoprint off from another project I will show in  a few weeks time.

The magpies were painted onto heavy weight iron on interfacing before being heavily thread painted in both cotton and rayon or poly threads. Then the back ground was  quilted in variegated threads . It is 8″x 10″.


Magpie 2 is a bit bigger at 14.5″x 15″. Again I used the interfacing to draw the magpie in flight and then coloured with Fabrico markers before thread paining. The background is much lighter, again using Brusho but painted onto damp fabric using greens and browns. I got the idea to put in dandelions from a book by Ellen Ann Eddy and the heavily quilted again to show the leaves and pebbles on the ground. Around the magpie , I echo quilted to try to show the movement  of air around the bird.

Both pieces have a cotton/poly wadding ad then I put in a piece of very heavy interfacing so that they can stand or will hang nice and flat on a wall. I am so pleased to have done these and intend to do a kingfisher next as I love the colours if these little birds.

Hopefully,  by next week I may even have had a tandem ride. Look back to see if I have. Thank you to those who have liked my blog. I love it when you leave comments




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Small wheeled bicycles

Gail at Abike4allseasons has recently acquired a Brompton and asked how I used my small wheel folder. Now , I don’t have a Brommie, I have a larger 20″ wheeled Dahon Speed TR which I purchased a few years ago. It isn’t my go to bike but I have used it a fair bit in 2016.


The things I like about it are that it has 27 gears unlike the 6 on a Brompton. This is achieved using a 9 speed derailleur mechanism and a 3 speed hub that replaces a 3 ring front mech. I like it because, if I stop and am in the wrong gear , I can use the 3 speed mech and drop down while at a standstill.

The pedals are very easily removable when I want to fold it up and while not as compact as a Brompton , it is still small enough for me to fold and put into a carry bag and get on a bus with it. I know that some people use small wheeled folders with full size panniers , I haven’t found it so easy. Not because they don’t fit, but I use them with my Koga and it’s a mess on changing them about. Mind you, DH’s front panniers fit on Speedy without any alteration so I do pinch them sometimes.

Last summer , I hurt my knee and used Speedy when I was riding after a couple of weeks rest as it is about half the weight of the Koga Randonneur. Both bicycles have steel frames which I like.

I mainly use it when I want to visit someone – I occasionally use it for home visits for my occupation – or for when I want to  make a solo trip. I usually am only away for less than a week but because I can hop on a bus or a train without having to book. Using a free OAP bus pass with local buses  makes this a very attractive option particularly getting to a start point without cycling on well known local routes.


My favourite “accessory” is a Radical Designs trailer. This is a Dutch company who make durable, well constructed trailers that track beautifully behind the bike. I have hitches on both of my bikes. The above photo shows the yellow waterproof cover. This has faded with use but is still doing its job well. It keeps the rain out along with the cordura that the trailer bag is made of. There is an option, the Chubby, that a Brompton will fit inside when folded. Useful, if you fly with your bike.

I can’t ride at present but when I do, it will be Speedy  that I start on. At present I have begun physio and did some sewing but I think I have overdone it and am experiencing quite a bit of pain. It will pass though. I just have to be patient and remember that I am 66 , not 16 that I am in my head heehee!

No miles cycled so far this year 😦





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Well, I finished these socks last night and wore them when we went for a walk.

It was a beautiful sunny day and DH suggested going for a walk. I fancied going up near Osmotherly and having a walk around the reservoir. Well , we left the Boro where it was cold but not freezing but by the time we drove up to Stokesley we were seeing slush on the road and cars coming towards us with snow in the roofs. Oh oh! We were going up via Swainby and there is a steep windy bank. Well, as we approached we could see a car trying to back down the road. DH got out to investigate  and the surface was covered with black ice. He had trouble keeping on his feet. The other guy got out of his car as he was up on the grass verge and when he got on the road , he too started to slip. He was on a bit of a slope and it almost looked as if he was surfing down the road.

Even though we had hazard warning lights turned on, an old red transit van zoomed past us. I don’t know if he got up the bank as we turned on the local road back into Swainby.

So, where to walk? We drove over to Saltburn and had a walk along the prom and then down the cliff steps to the lower prom. The fish and chip shop was doing a roaring trade with a huge queue waiting. No one was queuing at the ice cream café though. It was too cold.  I did get a photo of the pier with a lot of people on it and the beach. The tide was out but the waves were rolling in.

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Collarbone update

Happy New Year to you all. Lets hope we all achieve all we want to.

Just to update you. My left clavicle is healing if a bit deformed. The pain levels are much reduced and I have even been able to finish knitting some socks I started before Christmas. Its only been in the past couple of days that the mobility in my arm and hand has begun.

This coming week I go to hospital for a physio assessment. I hope to be cycling again by February , even if its on a tandem at first. So I don’t know if I will achieve 4000 miles this coming year, but I sure will try.

Have a great 1st week of the year.

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New Year is coming

Well, I have put in a painful week or so but am pleased to say that the pain level is diminishing and I cam move around without the bone ends crunching. That was most unpleasant but bearable.

I can’t cycle or sew yet and will be starting physiotherapy in the new year. I have felt a bit better in the past couple of days and have spent time rearranging my work schedule. Today, DH took me out in the car, as it was a beautiful sunny but frosty day. I took a few photos.

hope you like our beautiful North Yorkshire.

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