Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 5, 2023

Into March

While the weather hasn’t been brilliant , it hasn’t been bad enough to stop us cycling. Not sure what next week will bring according to the Met Office forecast. So get out while you can.

We are all feeling much better and I went to my quilt group last Thursday but it wasn’t bad because there was plenty of rain.

On Friday, we first thought we might head north but after all the rain decided against riding up that way on muddy tracks.

So , avoiding the road works near Elton, we cycled up to Stockton and picked up the road to Sadberge- the one we usually come back along.

After the obligatory hot chocolate and cake, we rode down through Middleton one Row and all at the 13 century St George’s church . We tried to find it once years ago and got lost, but signage has been improved. Unfortunately, it was locked.

St George’s church Low Dinsdale
A ? bracket fungus

From there it was back towards Yarm and then across Six Fields where the trees are blossoming again.

Koga world traveller E-bike

Friday saw us needing to return some crockery to a friend so that helped with the decision on where to ride. So it was across through Yarm and us to Kirklevington and along Forest Lane to get to Picton. Her son was happy to take them from us as she was away.

Then we rode through Crathorne where I again stopped to photograph a church. I think this is AllSaints but not sure.

I found I could get inside this one.

Riding on along to Hutton Rudby and despite the cool cloudy weather there were plenty of cyclists out. Once through Hutton, we made a last minute decision to head towards Hilton so we could return via Hemlington and the curly whirly bridge. Strangely I went into google maps and found this is how it’s listed. We had a little sunshine break through the clouds for a couple of minutes but did get wet on the last stretch home. I wasn’t bothered though , as I had some miles in for the week.

So mileage for the week is 67 miles so YTD 444miles


  1. Good to see the blackthorn blossom out. Ours is not showing here yet, but I saw some from the bus to Liverpool yesterday.

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