Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 26, 2023

Getting there

I am feeling much better this week and have been out cycling a few times.

On Thursday, we had plans to go out together but DH wasn’t feeling up to it. Not to be deterred, I set off on my own. While travelling down towards Newport Bridge , I met Andy one of the local CTC lads who was doing a bit of a reccy ride , so we ride together towards Stockton. I told him I intended to be back for the lunchtime meeting of the CTC. This was to be a talk about using cameras on bikes.

I rode up through Hartburn , to find that the roadworks going on at the junction with A66 now have temporary traffic lights but it’s not very helpful for cyclists.

Anyway, after carefully negotiating the now almost nonexistent roundabout I rode along through Elton and Long Newton where I passed a group of 5 cyclists who turned off. I carried along to Sadberge and enjoyed getting in before it got too busy. Lovely hot chocolate and ginger cake hit the spot nicely. I had a chat with the one other cyclist in there. As I was leaving another 8 cyclists, 5 who I had passed came in.

Knowing how difficult it would be getting back the way I had come , I chose to go back on the Norton road back into Stockton and home.

I had Komoot switched on and both DS1 and DH were outside our house as I pulled up. They had a sandwich ready for me to pick up and get to the very interesting talk while I ate. Andy was surprised I had actually made it in time. Good that I have an e-bike.

The spring flowers are blooming beautiful now despite the weather being a bit on the cool and windy side.

Purple haze attracted me
Beautiful croci

I have also been busy making bags for our Vektons as we can’t fold them if we fit front carriers for panniers. This one is a bit of a prototype on DH’s bike. The seams are sealed with silicone bath sealant inside. Mine will be more colourful .

Stuffed with whatever was to hand

So this week I cycled 47 miles and I believe YTD is 377 miles


  1. What a great bag. You are very handy. The crocuses are lovely.

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