Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 19, 2023

Late winter colds

Unfortunately, only managed one ride this week. I had a cold in the early part of the week and DH is down with one now.

We were prepared to go out on Thursday having packed our Tern Vektrons as though we were off on a cycle trip. It was very windy and rainy so along with my cold it didn’t happen.

Friday, I went off to the Spring Quilt fair in Harrogate. I wore a mask all the time, as I still had some remnants and didn’t want to infect anyone else.

The winds were wild so I used our cycle route to get down to Harrogate. One advantage of cycling is you know the back roads. The A1 had become blocked with an overturned wagon due to the wind so I was happy I had chosen an indirect route.

We did a 22 miles ride on Saturday morning using the loaded Vektrons. Went up through Cowpen Bewley and along through Billingham near Wolviston . Then it was a main road to Thorpe Thewles and back home through Stockton.

It’s good to see banks of snowdrops, croci and some gorse in bloom.

Gorse in bloom

So YTD is 330 miles. Well down on previous years but it will get better


  1. It has not been at all good weather for cycling so far this year so your mileage is pretty good I think.

  2. I am sorry to hear you’ve been unwell again, but glad to hear you’ve still got out and about. I would be pleased if you’d read this –

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