Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 6, 2023

Cycle Touring Festival and some riding

The past week has been a delight watching the on line Cycle Touring Festival – it’s organised by Laura and Tim Moss to supplement the in person festival that has had to be postponed due to Covid. There will be an in person festival later in the year.

The talks were so inspiring ranging from cycling across Mongolia to the Rebellion way in Norfolk. One of my favourite talks was by Rob Ainsley who talked about cycling the end to end in Austria. He also sang his version of a song from the Sound of Music. Really funny. A lot of the talks are available to watch on YouTube if you look up Cycle Touring Festival.

On Friday, we had a ride across to Darlington and tried a new way through the town. We ended up on the Staindrop Road. There were plenty of Snowdrops across the way

We turned off to Piecebridge and then ascended the bank up to the Eppleby turn off.

Once there , we enjoyed fresh fruit scones and jam. We had our own flask with us so had hot chocolate. There were a number of us with E-bikes so you can imagine how we all talked about the merits of the various systems.

Then it was off home through Manfield and Cleasby back to Darlington. My knee was a bit sore but I had been pushing myself hard. Still I iced it and it’s a lot better.

We did have a short ride on Saturday but hitting a pothole made my knee sore again so we cut the ride short. Still we managed 75 miles in the week YTD 238 miles


  1. Potholes are getting to be a pest after the winter frosts. Bad luck with your knee.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the snowdrops, we have a long way to go to spring. I always miss the primroses and bluebells now that I am in Winnipeg. I also enjoyed hearing about the cycling and will look on YouTube. Jean/winnipeg

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