Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 15, 2023

Brutal wind and trains

There hasn’t been much decent weather for cycling this week when I wasn’t working.

Earlier in the week the forecast was ok for Thursday until the night before then it started raining. Yuck!!!

So another plan for the day was hatched. I have wanted more Voilé straps for our bikes in a while and found out that there’s a cycle shop in Ripon, North Yorkshire that has them in stock. So DH and I decided to drive over there to get some. It’s called Bikemongers and they do on line selling as well. Really excellent choice and such a helpful young man. Not cheap mind but it will set us up for a long time. I lost some, that were my older son’s , last year in Portugal.

Voilé strap selection

Friday dawned dry and bright but the wind was blowing a hoolie. We checked out wind direction and decided to try to get across to Shildon as we would be heading into the wind.

We used our Koga world travellers and I am glad we did , as being a little bit heavier than our Terns were more stable. I don’t think I have ever used the Tour setting as much anytime in the past but we got to Shildon.

The Locomtion railway museum is free and even free car parking but they like it if you can donate

They now house the original Stephenson’s Rocket . There was a bit of controversy when it was moved from Darlington.

The first train in commercial use built here in Shildon I believe

The place is packed with trains and there was some sort of train enthusiasts meeting on, with wives waiting about patiently

More modern trains

The ride back was lovely with a following wind asking a slightly different route. Didn’t need the Tour assistance level once on the way back and sped up the hills, wind assisted.

Saturday was also wet but I had arranged to go and see an elderly Parkinson’s patient of mine who had to cancel because of the flu. I had made a lap quilt for them and they were delighted when I gave it to them. Stupid me forgot to photograph it.

This is a small wall quilt a finished a couple of weeks ago. An abstract landscape from a Norwegian fjell(mountain ) scene.

Abstract landscape
Using two threads in a needle for the green

So last week we cycled 47 miles making YTD 119 miles. It’s a start and the cold weather forecast doesn’t look too hopeful .


  1. Lovely quilts! and lovely trains as well, especially that old green one. Weather down here is not much better – lots of rain and lots of wind.

  2. I like the look of that railway museum. I love locomotives and trains.

  3. It’s excellent and if you get across this way to visit please let me know

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