Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 8, 2023

Hello 2023

Well it hasn’t need too bad a start to the year. We didn’t do a real New Years Day ride because of church commitments so when the sun shone on Monday off we went.

We decided to take our Terns on an outing to the seaside so chose to follow NCN1 to Redcar and along the prom to Marske. Except we didn’t follow it, as we thought well we’ve missed a turning. We nearly ended up in some docks!! Serves us right for chatting to much.

There was a bridge , with two flights of steps, we could have hauled the bikes over but decided to back track and came out to cross what I believe is the A66 and once in South Bank , we picked up the track.

As well as lots of dog walkers , we saw a lot of people with tripods and long lens cameras about. Eventually, I couldn’t help myself and had to know what was going on. It seems some unusual sort of tern( the bird) had been spotted off the coast so it had attracted bird watchers from a large area.

Bird watchers at the south end of Redcar

We carried on and tried to find our friend Phil’s house. It’s so long since we were there and always came from a different direction, that we never found it. He has one of those lovely Tern cargo E-bikes with a seat on the back. He is able to take his granddaughters on it too.

Anyway, we were going to Saltburn but it was decidedly chilly so once in Marske we headed for home.

I’m back working again- forgot to mention I am now 72!!!!- so on Friday we headed off to Sadberge. There was a brutal , cold headwind along the A66 cycleway but we got there. The cafe was open and not crowded so we enjoyed hot chocolate and a delicious cake. There we a couple of other cyclists in too who commented on the brutal winds.

Community Cafe Sadberge
View across the fields

We returned home via Stockton but got rained on before arriving home. Still another good ride.

Saturday dawned wet , wet , wet but I wasn’t too bothered as DH had a church meeting. However, when he got home at lunchtime, the rain stopped and we had another ride. I wanted to use a gift voucher I had been given so we headed into town. When I came out with my purchase- unfortunately not in the sale- we decided to go home via the river. Once there, we thought we’ll, why not a bit further so did the circuit along and up through Thornaby.

So my total for the week is 72 miles which I am very thankful for.


  1. A much better start to the year than me. Well done for braving the weather. Mind you my e-bike is out of commission at the moment or I might have been out a bit more. It helps a lot on windy days.

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