Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 31, 2022

Bye Bye 2022- thank goodness

Well, I wasn’t too well again during the month of December- just a severe cold this time. I must say I am pretty fed with the weather too- cold, wet and very windy.

We have been out a few times and clocked up 91 miles for the month. It seems a bit pathetic when we often do that in a couple of days.

We did get out on our Tern folders

Waitin for me da

Down near the Transporter bridge which is still out of commission.

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge

We celebrated 51 years of marriage and my 72 birthday. I suppose I should start a new blog as I am definitely not in the sixth decade. Will decide soon.

Miles ridden in 2022- 3434 miles.

Happy New Year everyone


  1. A disappointing end to the year for you. I hope that the start of next year is a big improvement.

  2. Happy New Year Brenda. Your enthusiasm for cycling is inspiring. I might get the bike out over the next few months. Best wishes. ilona

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