Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 20, 2022

It never rains but – – –

Sorry I have been missing in action. You remember we had covid and then recovered and had a short ride.

Well within two weeks we were both afflicted by flu!! Furthermore, part way through the flu, I had to go to hospital with upper abdominal pain. It seems probable that I passed a gallstone. I don’t even know if I gave them. More investigations will have to be made but now I am being careful with what I am eating just in case I do have them. Eating fats causes the gallbladder containing bile, used for fat digestion, to contract spilling into the duodenum. Eating low fat seems to have stopped pain and I am pretty much back to normal.

The past couple of weeks has seen a lot of rain here in our part of the north. It has put us off a bit but we had a short ride in the previous week but then on Friday decided to ride across the Sadberge . It’s about 25 miles round trip.

We did encounter flooded parts of the path and some tiny streams turned to torrents.

Tiny stream flooding

There was one point where I hit off and walked up on the verge while DH rode through.

When we got to Sadberge , frombb be the garage point of the cafe, the flooding in the fields could be seen. We returned home a different way but still cane across more flooding but I was able to ride through.

So we are well on the way to a full recovery but need to get our vaccinations updated.

We also rode to the market in Stockton to buy eggs from our usual egg man. It’s important to buy local and support small businesses.

45 miles in 2 weeks and YTD 3293miles


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