Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 9, 2022

Catching up

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted but not a lot of cycling.

DS2 is still having investigations for his health problems but it seems highly likely that there is a serious brain condition.

Also both DH and I have been down with Covid and tested positive for 15 days. I felt very lethargic and the first week just slept. I had a splitting headache and a mild sore throat. DH had the worst sore throat he has had since childhood and a hacking cough which we are both starting to really feel better from. I will get back to work this coming week but reduce the number of hours I work.

We did buy ourselves some new Tern Vektron s10 folding E-bikes but haven’t really had a chance to go far on them.

DH’s Koga world traveller E-bike is also away having a new motor fitted. It’s 4.5 years old with in excess of 21,000 miles so we have been offered a 25% discount so that’s good. All our bikes use the same batteries.

Two Tern Vekton

This weekend we felt well enough to attend the cycle touring festival at Waddow Hall. It was a much smaller gathering than in the past but in fact this gave us more chance to chat with each other.

It was so lovely to see M who I was in Portugal with in February who looked after me when I wasn’t feeling too well.

Also it was lovely to hear Caroline the poet give a performance of the show she has been riding around the country performing in various small venues.

In addition Rob Ainsley entertained us with his very funny song about cycling in Yorkshire as well as a lovely talk about how he goes about his yours in this country and in Europe.

Louise Clines did a super talk about inter railing with their family and that has given us much food for thought.

There were also smashing talks about cycling in cycling in various places in Europe so I have. One home buzzing. Just the lift I needed post covid.

Camping under a full moon
Sunrise over Clitheroe

You may also remember a post about a quilt I made and finished earlier this year. I entered it into the Great Northern Quilt show at Harrogate and gained a 3rd place blue rosette.

I worked out that I have cycled 139 miles since I last posted so that’s 3193 miles to date this year.


  1. Bad luck about the Covid but I am glad that you are recovering. The other two quilts must have been very good.

    How heavy are your folders?

    • Hi TP, they are heavy at 22kgs but lighter than our Kogas. The purion controller works a little differently but it has brilliant lights and a really good rear carrier. They will be ideal for cycle camping if we want to use the train or buses too.

      • That is heavier than my electric folder which is almost too heavy for me to lift so they would be too much for me.

      • Yes a bit heavy but they use the same batteries as on our Kogas so it made sense for us.

      • I can see that.

  2. That quilt is the best one I have ever seen. It should have got a FIRST. New bikes sound exciting. Hope you are able to get out on them soon.

    • The winning quilt was stunning. We are still recovering but have had a few short rides

  3. Hi Brenda your husband? mentioned the noisy motor on his Koga. I think he said it was getting replaced but for future ref I came across this interesting video.

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