Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 28, 2022

Riding out

Well I am pleased to report our younger son is no longer having hallucinations but still has some we memory problems. He has had bloods done this week but no results back as yet.

We felt confident enough to go on a long ride on Friday and so set off to Eppleby for scones at the cafe there. While there we talked to a younger couple who had over taken us earlier in the morning and it was lovely to have a relaxing chat in the sunshine.

We decided to carry on going to Richmond but I took a ‘detour’ and we ended up at the A66 dual carriageway. I was a bit concerned but the traffic was at a standstill on the east bound section so we were able to get to the middle easily. I recognised the names to places I rode through a few weeks ago in my little solo jaunt. Soon we could cross the west bound carriageway and we descended down past Newsham. I had to stop and photograph this very old way marker. It’s interesting to see where the roads went originally.

Catterick road
Richmond road
Centuries old road sign

Carrying on we past through Gayles and Kirby Hill. Now the small lane was filled with cars , vans and even big lorries and it took me a bit to realise they were using it to avoid the hold up on the A66. Some of the drivers were very aggressive which is not nice.

We turned through Gillung West and then climbed up to descend into Richmond. We changed our route slightly as we had spent a bit of time talking. Still it got us to Bolton on Swale and the church where we had cheese toasties made on the camp stove.

We rode back into Scorton and decided to continue on up to Moulton before going over on lanes to Easton Cowton. On familiar ground it was up through Great Smeaton and Hornby to go through Appleton Wiske and home. It was 75 miles and I did feel tired.

The other couple of days we just did a bit of local pottering for shopping but the miles all add up.

So this week the mileage is 110 miles YTD 2948miles


  1. I always like it when I recognise pl;aces in your narratives that we cycled through on our way to London on our first long trip. We stayed in a B&B at Bolton-on-Swale.

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