Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 31, 2022

Spit Spot

The weather hasn’t been as hot as the previous few weeks but on Thursday we did decide to get out on the bikes.

I was a bit tired but we decided to set off for Eppleby as we haven’t been there for a while. However, not long after after we set off, the rain started so we made a decision to take the route across to the A66 and then go to Sadberg community café. We had hot chocolate and cake before returning home. I did spot this post box topper in Hartburn on a seaside theme. The end kept blowing the lighthouse over. It had a very lightweight plastic bottle inside so in order to get the photo I had to keep standing it up.

Crochet postbox topper

There was also a lovely show of wildflowers nearby .

Particularly loved the sunflowers

The forecast for Friday was much better but we were fooled. We were wondering where to go and I saw that Panicos were going to be at Seaham Market. Well, he had a sale on quilting fabric do it seemed a good choice.

We had to stop and put on wet weather gear before we had even got out of Stockton!! However, the lure of a possible fabric buy , spurred me on. After riding the CartleEden walkway/ cycleway up to Station Town we kept on the road up to Haswell and then down to South Hetton. I had plotted a route on Komoot because we didn’t want to miss the turning to go down to Seaham. I am so pleased to report that this part of the route has been resurfaced. The route took us around the industrial estate but we noticed another track that we took on the return .

Once down in Seaham market, just off the sea front, I bought a few yards of a black and white cotton fabric and then we went to a nearby seat and had our usual second breakfast.

Memorial to the miners

I took this photo of a memorial to those who worked down the three nearby pits. In another century, I worked nearby in a small hospital that had a miners sanatorium that some of these miners ended up in with chest problems from the coal dust. Waitin’ t’ gan’ down. Commemorates the miners waiting to go down to the pit in a cage- like a lift and then a walk to the coal face. Some of my ancestors were miners

We then set off for home and decided to go back through Seaton Carew where we again stopped to eat again. Frequent refuelling is necessary when you put in the miles.

By Saturday it was pouring down , with huge puddles forming on the roads. Later in the day, the sun did come out briefly so I wanted to get in 100 miles for the week. We used this little trip to go and get some shopping so my weekly mileage was 101 miles. YTD 2526 miles


  1. What a wonderful display of wild flowers that was. You have done 25 more miles than me.

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