Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 24, 2022

Playing the waiting game

We expected to get the bikes back on Monday but we had to wait until Friday as the rotors for the disc brakes had to come in from the Netherlands so we had to be patient.

Mind you with the unprecedented heat , I do t think much riding would have been done. It reached 39C(102F) on Tuesday here in Middlesbrough . I was working so it was ok I. The car with the air conditioning on but getting out was like stepping into a furnace.

I haven’t felt heat like that since being in Dubai o. September 11th when the twin towers were obliterated. One of those things you will always remember where you were.

A small child thought this was a dinosaur in Thornaby

So it was just the usual work and shopping stuff and then we had a ride out on Saturday. It was warm but not too hot but we rode close to home and only 20 miles.

YTD 2425 miles


  1. Definitely too hot for a pedal on the hottest day.

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