Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 17, 2022

Waiting game

Well, I will explain the title. It’s two things really.

Number one is waiting for our bikes to be serviced. We took them down to Cyclesense on Thursday but unfortunately, they both need new rotors and we have to wait until they come in. I felt bereft not going out cycling.

Number two is potential more serious. When we were away on the summer tour, I became aware that I couldn’t see in the dark. Not totally , but a big black hole in my central Vision. Only in the dark though, I am fine when there is light.

When we got back , I rang the hospital for advice and they told me to go straight in. It’s a bit unusual and I had three eye scans and two doctors trying to work it out. There was some sign of swelling inside the eyes.

On Tuesday, I had a neurological field test and am awaiting the results. I have had neuro problems in my childhood and torn retinas in both eyes so will just wait and see what happens. James Cook hospital have been good so far, so here’s hoping no news is good news.

I am posting a photo of the mileage I have done since I got my Koga World traveller 4 years ago

Almost 20,000 miles

So this with local rides and the summer tour my mileage is 2405 miles for the year so far. DH is over 20,000 miles to date. Not too shabby for a couple of OAP’s haha


  1. Very unshabby indeed.

    I hope that your medical problems get resolved quickly.

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